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SAP Business One (SAP B1) Version 9 – Fixed Assets

SAP Business One (SAP B1) offers fixed assets as a standard solution – part of the financial modules in SAP Business One. With the release of SAP Business One Version 9 (Q2 2013 in Australia), the fixed assets module has been substantially enhanced. The fixed assets module in SAP Business One version 9 will allow

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SAP Business One Version 9

SAP Business One version 9.0 is currently in ramp up in Australia. The full product release is planned for Q2 2013. Let’s look at new functionality being proposed for release in SAP Business One version 9. New “look and feel” – SAP Business One version 9.0 will allow users to choose between the traditional “skin”

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SAP Business One payment wizard – helping you manage your cash flow

SAP Business One offers a payment wizard to generate  incoming and outgoing payment recommendations and bank transfers or cheques.  This SAP Business One functionality offers you the ability to monitor and  forecast payments to suppliers over any given period – a great insight into  cash flow requirements for accounts payable. The SAP Business One payment

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SAP Business One Cash Flow Management – providing you with the tools to better manage your cash flow

Cash flow management is usually listed as a top priority for small to medium business. SAP Business One provides functionality to enable you to better manage your cash flow. There are a number of cash flow reports as a standard feature of SAP Business One – this has been covered in a previous blog. The

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SAP Business One latest version – what’s required to upgrade?

The current version of SAP Business One available in Australia is 8.82. Version 9 (next major release due early 2013) is currently in the initial testing phase. SAP is investing heavily in research and development and we have seen many new functions and features released in SAP Business One version 8.82. If you are on

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SAP Business One Drag and Drop from MS Outlook

In SAP Business One  – all marketing documents now come with a new “attachment” tab. With this users can now “drag and drop” MS Outlook mail to this attachment tab in marketing documents. This link is saved automatically in the attachment tab and the documents are saved in the attachment folders (that you specify under

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SAP Business One CRM – enabling business growth

SAP Business One includes integrated CRM. Will SAP Business One CRM enable growth in my business? I have been using SAP Business One CRM for eight years to run a sales and marketing team and I can emphatically answer – YES – we have experienced double-digit year on year growth and we have a sales

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