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Sage X3 is a cloud-first solution for bigger companies

Medium to large organisations that want to unify management of their value chain and supercharge the pace of innovation, turn to Sage X3 ERP for their enterprise solution.

Creating value is complex. Every step in the chain is linked—so as your business grows in size or scope, sometimes data silos, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks begin to pose problems.

Sage X3 is the best cloud ERP solution for bigger or more complex businesses:

Easily run and analyse the performance of multiple divisions or global branches

Simplify finances and inter-company accounting across multiple companies/ABNs

Streamline complicated manufacturing, purchasing, sales and distribution processes

Sage X3 brings insight, precision and speed to cross-functional activities—even within highly technical or regulated environments—with a feature-packed suite of integrated software. 

Is Sage X3 the answer you’ve been looking for? We can help you decide.

Ideal software for the mid-market through to multinationals

What customers say:

“…we are becoming more accurate with our costings and time frames.” —Oxworks (Fencing manufacturer)

Exceptional features:

Delivers immediate productivity gains through end-to-end functionality and customisable tools.



Tailored for complex verticals including manufacturing, distribution, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

A big name globally, gaining momentum in Australia

Sage X3 software is a leading cloud ERP solution used by reputable brands worldwide:

More than


Across more than


With over


Why choose Sage X3 for your enterprise system?

Access incredible Sage X3 functionality including:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Production planning
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Traceability and QA
  • Procurement forecasts
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Warehouse management
  • Logistics
  • Delivery and returns
  • Business intelligence

Make your business faster and more flexible:

  • Save money and scale smoothly by deploying in the cloud
  • Native web client for true mobility—anytime-anywhere access
  • Make sense of complex finances, big data, and multi-entity reporting
  • Improve decision-making with alerts, analytics, and reporting templates
  • Understand and control labour, inventory and production costs
  • Optimise processes for discrete, CTO and process manufacturing
  • Meet compliance and industry standards across multiple locations
  • Adapt to customer needs quicker to deliver on-time and in-full

Seamlessly extend Sage X3

These popular solutions perfectly integrate with Sage X3:

Manage customers and sales

Close more deals with Sage X3’s powerful mobile sales app:

  • Give sales team self-service access
  • Manage appointments with customers
  • Access order history, sales and product data
  • Create quotes, orders and invoices
  • Manage payments on-the-go

Access real-time business intelligence

Make better decisions with Sage Data and Analytics Reporting:

  • Process large amounts of data fast
  • Get real-time analytics and insights
  • Reduce time spent on analysis and reporting
  • Access built-in KPIs and templates
  • Visualise data in multiple ways
  • Access data from multiple data sources
  • Use pre-built reporting templates – defined by functional role

Manage and plan inventory better

Minimise stock outs and reduce excess inventory with Sage Inventory Advisor

  • Integrated solution for inventory planning and management
  • Make sure you focus on the right data for inventory management
  • Avoid lost orders through stock-outs
  • Quick ROI
  • Don’t tie up cash flow with excess inventory
  • Planning dashboards and real time data for better decision-making

There are many more ways to enhance Sage X3

Enhancing your ERP solution as your business evolves is easy.

Choose from a range of complementary solutions and certified add-on applications from ISVs, conveniently available in Sage’s online marketplace. Complementary solutions are available for advanced warehouse management, EDI, Business Intelligence and data analytics and more….

Sage X3 benefits growing and global businesses

Sage X3 ERP software is a highly-regarded enterprise solution for mid-sized and bigger businesses because it supports rapid growth, including multi-company management, multiple currencies, and inter-company transactions—across multiple countries.

Managed and supported by Leverage Technologies, Sage X3 ERP system is a wise investment that’s efficient to implement, allowing you to reap the rewards sooner.

What kind of companies use Sage X3?

  1. Mid-sized organisations that are growing or need to manage increased levels of complexity due to complicated financials, volatile supply chains, long lead times, long sales cycles, or high order volumes.
  2. Distributors and manufacturers that want to introduce more efficient, precise, and cost-effective processes to maximise the use of their resources and meet the expectations of a growing customer base.
  3. Group companies, multinationals and global networks with complex inter-company relationships, financial management, and reporting requirements that want a centralised platform for collaboration, cross-functional workflows and a consolidated view of customer and supplier management and high-level financial performance.

Sage X3 suits complex businesses in industries including:

  • Wholesale and distribution
  • Agribusiness
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Configure to order manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Chemical and paint production
  • Nutraceuticals and biotechnology
  • Multi-national organisations with complex financials

Watch Sage X3 demo videos

We’ve created a series of brief demo videos that showcase the business-boosting functionality available in Sage X3.

How much does Sage X3 cost?

There are two elements that shape the cost of Sage X3: licensing and implementation.

How much you’ll pay for your Sage X3 license depends on:

  • Whether you deploy it in the cloud or on-premise
  • The range of functionality required (Financial management/Manufacturing/Distribution)
  • How many users will need access and at what level
  • Extra features to manage overseas sites (tax compliance and multiple languages)
Sage X3 license cost
Sage X3 license cost

How much you’ll pay for your Sage X3 license depends on:

  • Whether you deploy it in the cloud or on-premise
  • The range of functionality required (Financial management/Manufacturing/Distribution)
  • How many users will need access and at what level
  • Extra features to manage overseas sites (tax compliance and multiple languages)

Additional factors that affect the cost of implementing Sage X3 include:

  • How many different sites or countries you want to deploy in
  • The extent of functionality that needs configuration
  • The availability and skill or your internal team
  • Data conversion and reporting requirements
  • The need for custom integrations or development
  • Project management skill and methodology
  • How many users will need training

What’s a ballpark price for Sage X3?

Let’s assume you’re working with a Sage business partner such as Leverage Technologies to develop a tailored end-to-end solution with Sage X3 cloud ERP at the core.

We’ve provided rough estimates below based on the amount of consulting ‘days’ we’d anticipate would be needed to manage the implementation, configuration and training for various scenarios.

Finance-only implementation:

For 10-20 finance users with complete financial management and reporting capabilities. We’d allow 60-80 days, which equates to an investment of $90,000 – $120,000.

Finance plus Distribution:

For 20-50 users with all financial modules plus purchase planning, inventory and warehouse management, and logistics. Usually takes 80-100 days at a cost of between $120,000 – $150,000.

Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing:

Access all finance and distribution modules and everything you need to schedule production and manage your shop floor including MRP, BOMs, routing, cost centre management, labour and timetabling. Requires between 150-200 days and an investment of around $225,000 – $300,000.

Note: Our estimated ‘days to implement’ will vary depending on your internal resources and does not factor in the configuration of specialised functionality like EDI, eCommerce integration, or customised BI reporting.

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