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Manufacturing industry solutions

Input costs, global competition, and fluctuating demand weigh heavily on the minds of manufacturing business leaders. Efficiency gains, increased sales, and innovation are a must—but where do you start?

It is a task that’s made harder when your business:


Is running on disjointed, legacy systems and spreadsheets


Uses whiteboards or standalone tools to schedule work


Relies heavily on the knowledge of a few key staff

You need integrated and easy-to-use systems that support a workforce and workflows that allow you to deliver on-time and in-full, adapt quickly to customer needs, and grow profits.

A modern enterprise solution is the answer. By working with Leverage Technologies you can quickly transform your systems for a more synchronised and cost-effective operation.


We can help you boost your manufacturing business with the best ERP solution.

Find cost savings, sell more, and expand

Introducing a world-class ERP solution is about more than digitising current ways of working.

With a tailored enterprise solution, information flows easily between all of your business functions and your production planning and execution becomes more precise and automated. You’ll spend less time dealing with roadblocks, and discover new ways to satisfy customers.

That helps relieve the pressure on your team, so they can better manage complexity, solve strategic problems, and develop new products and services.

Manufacturers benefit from a unified solution in many ways:


Purchasing and storing the right amount of raw materials to meet demand


Getting the maximum outputs from your raw materials, labour and machinery


Understanding and managing the cost of production and overall profitability


Meeting customer deadlines and providing superior customer service


Having the data-driven insights and extra capacity to grow your business

“We can more accurately measure the output of fabrication teams against budgets. The advantage of this is twofold; Firstly, we’re getting more out of the guys because we can give them feedback on their performance. Secondly, we are becoming more accurate with our costings and time frames.”

Glenn Hosking

Oxworks (Fencing manufacturer)

We know the features manufacturers need

Leverage Technologies has the technical expertise to perfectly configure ERP solutions for your specific business needs.

Key features we’ve delivered for the manufacturing industry include:


Materials requirements planning (MRP)


Graphic scheduling


Routing and instructions


Sub-contracting and co-processing


Constraint and capacity planning


Quoting and product configuration


Work in Progress tracking


Bills of materials (BoM)


Traceability and lot/batch tracking


Configure to order


And many more…

In addition, your solution can provide end-to-end control of sales, purchasing, inventory management, distribution, accounting and payroll, financial management, field service, and business intelligence reporting.

Keeping The Lights On Across The World With SAP Business One

noja power case study - Leverage Technologies

Proven manufacturing industry experience

Leverage Technologies understands the manufacturing vertical. Many of our consultants have direct experience on the shop floor and managerial experience in a production environment.

We’ve helped manufacturing businesses with varied production methods including:


Job shop



Batch manufacturing

You’ll benefit from practical guidance about improving your processes and operational efficiencies as you upgrade your business systems. We’re invested in your success.

Our track record of success in ERP implementation is strong—rest assured your new system will be up and running fast, driven by best-practice and low-risk project management approaches.

Agility drives success in the manufacturing industry

With a growing reliance on export sales, rising energy costs, and rapidly evolving technologies and customer preferences, manufacturers need to be at the top of their game to survive.

Unify your systems with a leading ERP solution to get a clear picture of your company’s financial position, sales pipeline, and capacity to meet demand and production processes. Gain the confidence that your team can change tactics swiftly as new opportunities arise.

Talk to us about ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry today.

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