Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – We’ve integrated with all the major retailers


When you supply a big retailer, it pays to do things their way. So when they demand – or even just prefer – to integrate directly with your warehousing system in order to streamline their ordering and fulfilment, the only real question is how to enable it affordably.


Of course, an efficient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution can help you in other ways, too. As your business and your order volumes grow, bridging the gap between all the different business management solutions used by your partners makes your own operation more streamlined. You can achieve substantial cost savings and increased customer satisfaction by streamlining ordering, warehousing, logistics, replenishment, delivery and reporting. And assuming a low cost of ownership, it can also make your operation more profitable.

But a comprehensive EDI solution is no small task. GS1, EAN, ASNs, SSCC labels, scan packing… The requirements soon add up. So just as it pays to have an EDI solution to begin with, it also pays to have that solution designed and implemented by someone with proven experience with big retailers and world-class ERP products, and a track-record for doing it right.

The team at Leverage Technologies has worked on EDI projects for many of Australia’s large, small and medium-sized distribution-based organisations, in a range of different industries, including food, chemical, IT, electronics and building materials. So we understand the challenge of different document and data exchange formats, and we know how to overcome it. Likewise, we know how to handle the freight management, back-order rules, 3PL, retailer distribution and reporting issues that necessarily arise in any EDI implementation.

Just as importantly, we use only best-of-breed EDI solutions based on GXS Integrator, SAP Business One, Sage Enterprise Management and Levitation EDI, along with additional extensions for Vendor Connect and scan packing integration if required.

Common EDI requirements include:

  • Purchase Order – PO (850)
  • Invoice (810)
  • Advanced Shipping Notice – ASN (856)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment – POA (855)
  • Product Activity Data – PAD Data (852)
  • GS1 compliance GTIN support – global trade identification number
  • DC integration – Distribution Centre shipping

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We’ve set up EDI with…

  • Myer
  • David Jones
  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • Bunnings
  • ALDI

Need EDI with your retailers?

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