SAP Business One HANA – Slice & dice your data into meaningful reports

Every day your SAP Business One solution collects mountains of data. Customer data, employee data, supplier data, inventory data and much, much more. But without an effective reporting system, you have no way of turning this data into knowledge. No way to extend SAP Business One to make informed decisions that enhance your business and improve your bottom line.


In other words, without effective reporting, data is just bits and bytes.

But how do you turn all that data into knowledge? Knowledge that you can generate and begin to use instantly? The answer is SAP HANA.

SAP HANA delivers real-time reporting on high volume data

There are multiple reporting options available for SAP Business One, but none are quite as powerful and easy to use as HANA. It delivers ultra-quick reporting, no matter how much data you have.

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  • Instant reports – Sort through data volumes in seconds, making ad-hoc reporting a possibility.
  • Easy ‘what if…’ analysis on large volumes of current and historical data in real time.
  • Pre-defined SAP Business One Dashboards and SAP Business One Reports – e.g. Perform Instant Cash Flow Analysis on real time data, or use Available to Promise to advise customers when inventory items will be available for shipment.
  • Search any data in SAP Business One using the SAP HANA enterprise search facility.
  • Enterprise-wide data search
  • Additional SAP Business One mobility features
  • HANA specific dashboards
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Available to promise – with dynamic analysis

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SAP Business One  HANA 
An overview demonstration of SAP Business One HANA – lighting quick analytics, reporting and do-it-yourself business intelligence. Pervasive analytics, enterprise search, cash flow forecast, HANA Cockpit and more.



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