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SAP Business One HANA

Technology to help you run a better business

SAP Business One HANA is an SAP in-memory database that helps you do more to grow your business and get insight into big data and ERP information. SAP Business One has, for many years, been delivering outstanding functionality for businesses that require better financial management, inventory control, manufacturing, CRM and outstanding data analytics and business intelligence. With the release of SAP Business One on SAP HANA, you can now do a lot more with the core SAP Business One solution:

Big data analytics

KPIs and dashboards

HANA specific functionality

In-memory technology


Increased scalability

Every day your SAP Business One solution collects mountains of data. Customer data, employee data, supplier data, inventory data and much, much more. But without an effective analytics solution, you have no way of turning this data into knowledge. SAP B1 HANA is a way to extend SAP Business One to make informed decisions that enhance your business and improve your bottom line. SAP One HANA is a whole lot more than great data analytics and reporting.

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What is SAP HANA?

SAP Business One is available in an MS SQL and SAP HANA database version. SAP B1 HANA is an in-memory database. In-memory databases allow for faster processing of big data.

SAP Business One HANA Delivers functionality to help your business grow

SAP has built new and exciting functionality into the HANA version of SAP Business One. Using in-memory technology has made SAP Business One version for HANA capable of providing new functionality that small to medium-sized businesses previously only dreamed about. Sorting through big data volumes in record time provides access to functionality to help your business grow:

Business Intelligence, data analytics and reporting

Make sure your business has timely and accurate information for better decision making.

Delivery schedule management

Improve customer service with tools to manage the delivery of goods to customers.

Customer 360

Improve customer service with 360-degree reporting views of your customer data.

HANA workbench/workflow

Provide workflow to streamline operations.

Cash flow analysis

Improve cash flow with better reporting and analysis.

Enterprise search

Save time and money – quickly find the data you are looking for.

Advanced available to promise

Improve customer service – make sure you provide the right information to your customers – every time.

KPIs and widgets

Provide your team with data and analysis for better decision making.

Pervasive analytics

Build your own reports and dashboards – provide your teams with better data and analytics for accurate decision making.

Watch a demo

An overview demonstration of SAP B1 HANA – lighting quick analytics, reporting and do-it-yourself business intelligence. Pervasive analytics, enterprise search, cash flow forecast, HANA Cockpit and more.

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