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Business management systems drive productivity

Successful agribusiness in Australia today is shaped by larger farming operations that cleverly embrace technology and improved practices to drive productivity growth.

Effective farm and business management systems are a must-have to thrive in the agricultural industry and compete in global markets, in spite of increasing volatility in seasonal conditions and input costs.

An enterprise solution, combined with an industry-specific application targeted to your area of production, will allow your agribusiness to:


Capture and centralise rich data on production and business activity


Improve the precision of records, compliance, quality, and traceability


Streamline daily farm operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability


Understand high-level business performance and identify opportunities

We offer an integrated solution of Sage X3 and Aritmos ERP for agriculture industry verticals.

An industry solution for agricultural companies

Leverage Technologies offers a complete, turn-key solution for agribusiness’ regardless of your operational complexity or industry vertical.

Seamless integration of Sage X3 and Aritmos is the best agriculture ERP software for agribusiness companies that want to understand and improve every aspect of their operation.

Sage X3 at a glance:

  • A world-class cloud ERP system
  • Cloud-based with a native web client
  • Ideal for complex businesses
  • Powerful multi-business finances
  • Streamlines purchasing & distribution

Aritmos at a glance:

  • Global agribusiness software leader
  • Built on Sage X3 development tools
  • Focused on food & agriculture sector
  • Covers 20+ agricultural verticals
  • Targeted features for farmers & growers

Together, Sage X3 and Aritmos are unbeatable in the Agribusiness sector

  • Record and manage product and business data centrally
  • Get the right price, manage commissions, and payments
  • Keep track of stock, traceability, and quality standards
  • Get visibility of production outcomes and land management
  • Streamline intake, packaging, distribution, and transport
  • Better understand costs and manage multi-entity finances
  • Improve purchasing, sales, invoicing, and reporting

Greater clarity reduces agribusiness risks

The business of farming, cropping and food production is complex, with long planning horizons and more than a fair share of risk. A business-wide management system brings all of your data together so it can be analysed and acted on with speed and confidence. You can better adapt to swings in income, reduce costs and waste caused by inefficiency, and improve the way you produce, market, sell, package, and transport your products to boost profitability.

Sage X3 and Aritmos scales with your business

Sage X3  is a leading agricultural ERP solution available in the cloud. Aritmos is a long-standing and accredited complementary solution made to align with Sage’s architecture and codebase. That means when they’re combined—there are no visible joins. You get all the features of Aritmos and Sage X3 on one platform, with one log-in, and one database.  The solution is extendable (if you want to add additional integrations) and scalable (add or remove users and locations as required), and won’t break when you update to future versions of Sage X3.

Functionality specific to your type of agribusiness

For croppers and growers:

  • Manage product and pricing data
  • Weighing, transport and distribution
  • Production templates and pre-calibration
  • Traceability: ascending & descending
  • Calculate prices and settlements
  • Manage harvest workloads and labour
  • Record land management details
  • Document and report on costs
  • Manage vehicles and transport
  • Quality management and documentation
  • Generate pallet info, serial and barcodes
  • Manage sales, packaging, special invoices
  • And much more…


For livestock and meat producers:

  • Manage product and pricing data
  • Purchasing, sales and commissions
  • Transport, delivery notes and invoices
  • Calculate materials costs and production reports
  • Manage fattening farms
  • Record land management details
  • Manage multiple warehouses and stock movement
  • Search inventory, batch control and expiry dates
  • Chemicals and medications registry
  • Traceability: ascending & descending
  • Grading, intake and packaging
  • Manage slaughter and butchered products
  • And much more…

Sage X3 and Aritmos can be tailored for agribusinesses including:

agricultural erp

Fruit and vegetable growers

agricultural erp

Grains, cereals and rice growers

agricultural erp

Wineries and juice producers

erp implementation in agriculture

Dairy farms

agricultural erp

Flour and oil mills

Piggeries and poultry farms

Dried fruit and nut growers

Cotton producers

agriculture software

Slaughterhouse, cutting rooms

agriculture software products

Farming cooperatives

farm management software

Cattle, fattening and feedlots

Agricultural supplies

agribusiness erp

Goat and sheep farms

Agricultural banking and insurance


A thriving agricultural industry is critical

Cropping, farming, forestry, and food production are not just economically important sectors in Australia—they are part of the Australian identity and critical to sustaining our way of life. Australian agribusinesses manage great swathes of our iconic landscapes and supply a significant portion of the country’s daily food supplies.

The food and fibre that agribusiness’ produce are also highly valued in global markets, with beef, wool, and wheat among the top agricultural commodities exported. Other leading commodities include cotton, dairy, dried fruits and nuts, forestry, grains, rice, sheep meat, and sugar.

It’s a challenging industry. Dealing with climate variability, drought, fires, and floods are a harsh reality of running an agribusiness, which makes the practical work of raising livestock and harvesting crops difficult.

One of the reasons our agricultural industry is successful and sustainable is a focus on innovation—both through research and development of new products and practices, as well as cutting-edge approaches to farm management.

In addition to growing quality products, growing your profits depends on smart business management. Keeping great records, gaining total visibility of your operations and supply chain, and staying on top of complex financial reporting and accounting tasks are all essential.

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