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Medical Industry ERP Solutions

Increasing demand on Australia’s medical system, more discerning healthcare consumers, and the significant cost of research and innovation—these are challenges that organisations in the medical industry can’t ignore.

Leverage Technologies can help SMEs operating across medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sector supply chains to embrace an ERP solution to:


Improve customer service to business customers and end consumers


Achieve optimal stock management and precise production methods


Refine processes to enable surprisingly fast quote to cash timeframes


Gain end-to-end clarity to run a more profitable and compliant operation

Get enterprise-wide transparency, efficiency, and innovation when you work with us to implement the ideal medical ERP software.

We deliver tailored ERP systems for organisations in the medical industry.

Prioritise safety as you stand out from competitors

When you develop or deliver medical devices, supplies, drugs, therapies, and supplements within the healthcare industry, the quality and safety of your products and services must be your primary consideration.

You need systems that assist you to:


Adeptly manage quality assurance processes and up and downstream traceability.


Meet strict standards set out by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and/or Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

But you also need systems that help your team to change tack quickly, produce and deliver goods reliably, understand market trends, sell with sophistication, and keep a close eye on cash flow, costs, and what actually drives revenue.

Out-of-date software or paper-based approaches will hold you back. Make the transition to better ways of working easier with a world-class ERP solution implemented by Leverage Technologies.

Now is the time to seize opportunities to meet demand and grow your business-driven by digital transformation. Move too slowly or don’t change systems as technology changes and you risk failing to keep pace with government regulations, customer expectations, and technological advances that competitors will use to disrupt the market.

Download the Leverage Technologies

“Medical Industry ERP Implementation Infographic”

In a highly regulated industry, you need an ERP solution well suited to the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Download the Leverage Technologies infographic to learn more about ERP functionality for Medical devices, medical consumables, medical distribution and the life sciences/pharmaceutical industry.


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Tracking Medical and Dental Products Across Australia

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Expertly configured systems for various medical verticals

We’re a partner and reseller of market-leading ERP solutions with must-have features for the medical industry:

Leverage Technologies has worked with multiple medical distribution, manufacturing, biotech and pharmaceutical companies to help streamline their businesses. Our track record across hundreds of successful ERP implementations (in multiple distribution and manufacturing sectors) since 2005 means we have the experience required to help companies transform their business with the latest in digital technology – cloud, mobility, IOT and AI.

We’re an experienced ERP software consultancy for Australian companies, non-profits, manufacturers and distributors in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We can configure solutions from SAP, Sage and MYOB for medical verticals including:

Medical capital equipment and device distribution:

Benefit from features including serial number tracking, service and warranty management, field service team management and scheduling, freight management and accurate landed costs for importers, foreign exchange rate calculations, financial management, plus CRM, business intelligence and analytics.

Medical device and capital equipment manufacturing:

Get advanced manufacturing capabilities including MRP (Material Requirements Planning), production scheduling, purchase planning, inventory control, after-sales service (warranty) and shop floor data control.

Biotechnology start-ups and production:

Run a better business with integrated back-end systems that help you coordinate complex financials, purchase orders, sales, invoicing and expense management. Manage R&D grants and project-based expenditure. Get assistance with TGA-accredited processes with modules designed specifically for process manufacturing, batch traceability and document management.

Medical consumables and supplies distribution:

Get the capabilities you need to streamline warehouse management, manage inventory and balance stock levels, track lot and serial numbers and expiry dates, cleverly plan your purchasing and production schedule including Material Requirements Planning (MRP), plus CRM, business intelligence reporting and analytics.

Pharmaceutical production:

Improve your production efficiency and oversight with features that streamline process manufacturing methods, provide backward and forward traceability, MRP calculations, flexible production and labour scheduling.

Want to know about Leverage Technologies ERP solutions for medical distribution, life sciences and pharmaceuticals? Please complete the “contact us” form and provide the friendly team at Leverage Technologies permission to contact you so that we can discuss your business requirements – TGA, inventory tracking, reporting, purchase planning, financial reporting and more.

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Get ahead in a changing healthcare industry

In their 2020 Global Health Care Outlook, renowned advisory firm Deloitte says that while global spending on health will increase, capitalising on opportunities requires being able to understand and adapt to changes such as, “a growing and aging population, rising prevalence of chronic diseases, infrastructure investments, technological advancements, evolving care models, higher labor costs amidst workforce shortages, and the expansion of health care systems in developing markets.”

The future of healthcare will be shaped by digital transformation, which will underpin data-driven care models, personalised products and services, and easier transactions (and better customer experience) for everyone within the healthcare ecosystem.

Medical industry stakeholders need to overcome a number of barriers to success. These include outdated legacy systems, cost and complexity of new technologies, cybersecurity, and constantly evolving business needs.

Your business can future-proof by starting with solid technological foundations.

An innovative, cloud-based enterprise solution made for SMEs gives you:


Incredible visibility and control across all of your core business functions


Easy-to-use interfaces, enterprise mobility, and robust security, at an affordable price


The flexibility to enhance and scale your software capabilities as your business evolves

Implementing ERP Solutions

Guidance from the ERP Experts at Leverage Technologies


10 Pro Tips to Reduce your ERP Implementation Investment And Get The Results You Want

The Complete Guide to Implementing a New ERP Solution

The Complete Guide to Implementing a New ERP Solution

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Enter your details here to download the Leverage Technologies “10 Pro Tips to Reduce your ERP Implementation Investment And Get The Results You Want” e-book

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Integrate to succeed in the medical industry

Integrated business management links your data and interconnected processes. And importantly, it helps to unify your team around a shared purpose – that’s essential for business success in a rapidly evolving medical industry.

Leverage Technologies’ expert consultants have the medical industry knowledge and undeniable ERP implementation credentials.


Let us help you evaluate your business needs and design the ideal enterprise solution.