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Automating configure to order complexity to deliver better customer service

By its very nature, configure-to-order (CTO) is a complex, fluid vertical. to You’re driven by customer order and demand for customer specific solutions configured specifically to customer requirements. The challenge is that the design and configuration of the product is unique for each order or group of orders. This makes system maintenance, costing and scheduling difficult. Delivering on time to ensure customer satisfaction is constrained by both third-party product supply, and in-house assembly and configuration capabilities.

And as you grow, these challenges are amplified. To succeed – and to continue succeeding – you need a turn-key business management solution that accommodates all of these challenges. In order to ensure on-time and in-full delivery to customers, you need a single solution that handles all the complexities specifically associated with CTO (like integration to CAD, bills of material and scheduling) as well as all other aspects of your business (like finance, customer relationship management, inventory control, reporting and mobility).

Thanks to the highly configurable CTO solutions (Sage X3 and MYOB Advanced), we can tailor a solution to effectively manage:


Configure to order bills of material

Production planning

Purchase planning

Integration to CAD

Automate the Configure to order quoting process

Quickly configure new products and product variations


Copy previous CTO orders to a new order; BOM with variations

CTO costing

Examples of industries that require configure to order solutions:


Building materials manufacture – windows/doors/garage doors


Furniture manufacture with configurable options


Fencing / pool fencing


Industrial machinery and heavy equipment


Caravan and campervan manufacture


Any manufacture that offers a highly configurable end product

sagex3 Leverage Technologies
sagex3 Leverage Technologies

Since 2005 Leverage Technologies has designed and implemented multiple configure-to-order solutions for customers in a range of industries that rely on manufacturing a configurable product to gain competitive advantage and produce high levels of customer service. We have manufacturing specialists with shop-floor CTO experience, and we understand the real-life challenges you need to overcome to succeed. Equally, we understand that you have to mitigate risk. That any solution you implement must be proven, it must be implemented quickly and must offer a low cost of ownership.