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Confident ERP decisions start with expert advice

It’s difficult to do something you’ve never done before without guidance. If you haven’t led a significant business systems overhaul before, drawing on our experience is a smart move.

With Leverage Technologies’ expert advice, you’ll feel more confident about:


Making decisions that future-proof your business


Achieving the outcomes that matter most for your success


Keeping on track, staying within budget, and hitting deadlines


Transitioning your team to new systems with minimal disruption

We can help you clarify your business objectives and requirements, choose the best ERP solution for your needs, and make improvements to how you operate.

Listening is our superpower

Need a sounding board? Help to accelerate internal decision-making processes? We don’t assume we know what’s best for you and recommend products and approaches indiscriminately.

We listen, with a genuine effort to understand:


How you want your business to change and improve


Which practical functions and activities must be enabled


How the people in your team ideally work and collaborate


Your future direction and the systems you need to grow

Then we develop personalised ideas and plans designed to help your business succeed.

Clarity to choose the best solution

Are you struggling with questions about pricing, features, and cloud vs on-premise deployment?

What software can do matters? But more important is how software is applied within the unique context of your organisation in order to achieve desired business benefits.

You need a consulting team that understands both.


We’ve been learning about how businesses benefit from ERP solutions since 2005


We know about ERP software and the complex digital ecosystems they exist within


The depth and breadth of our business and industry knowledge is vast

Discover how we help you choose the best ERP system for your business.

Software consulting to align systems to your needs

Once you’ve decided on an ERP product, the next step is to clarify what is required to effectively create a system that delivers real benefits.

Leverage Technologies’ software consulting service helps you determine:


What your system must deliver


Which technologies and features will make it work, and


The roadmap to making it a reality.

Take advantage of our requirements analysis service

At no cost to you, we can conduct a requirements analysis with your team.

We offer this service for free, provided your ERP implementation is not very large or complicated. If a more in-depth analysis is needed we can provide a quote.  

A free requirements analysis takes between 0.5-1 day and involves:


Meeting with you to learn about your business


Creating a list of functional requirements and outputs


Evaluating risks and required resources


Deciding on time frames and project milestones

Within a week, you’ll receive a costed project proposal that you can use to decide your next steps, and whether we’re the right team to implement your ERP solution.

Contact us to book your FREE requirements analysis now.

Business process improvement advice

We can’t change business conditions, input costs or consumer expectations—but we can help you change the way your business operates and adapts.

Business improvement doesn’t magically arise from technology choices. But how technology is applied does make a big difference to organisational information flows and the availability of accurate data—and therefore, your workplace culture, productivity, and capacity to innovate.

The type of systems you embrace and how well they are configured also influence your team’s ability to gain and apply digital literacy in the workplace so they can reduce manual effort and capitalise on critical thinking skills instead.

A value-added service we offer to our consultancy customers is ongoing advice and support to identify and enact business process improvements—before, during and after your ERP solution is implemented.

Why choose Leverage Technologies as your ERP Implementation Partner?

With offices in NSW, VIC and QLD (servicing businesses Australia-wide) and highly experienced consultants and technical specialists, we’re well-equipped to help you choose, implement and maintain the ideal ERP solution.

What sets us apart from other ERP software consultants?

Our experience:

In a service-focused industry, experience makes a difference. Since 2005 we’ve helped hundreds of Aussie SMEs. Our collective wisdom and industry insight allows us to achieve economies of scale. Despite our successful track record, we’re never complacent.

Our values-driven culture:

Honest, accountable, customer-focused and excited to work together to get a great result. We hire for these qualities. We create a workplace culture where these qualities are expected and rewarded. You benefit.

Our business-outcomes focus:

With the right technical skill, anyone can set-up software. Our talent is ensuring the solution empowers your team to do their best work. Not everyone can develop systems that help you achieve strategic business goals. We can.

Software consulting that gets you unstuck

Feeling stuck with systems that don’t work, but unsure about how to proceed? What you need is a good listener that works collaboratively with you, every step of the way.

You’ve found the best software consulting team in Leverage Technologies.