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Our Approach to Projects

We listen and tailor projects to your needs


Being able to work well with your software provider is critical to a successful ERP implementation.

We partner with customers in ways that are proven to reliably deliver projects:

We’re attentive to your input but freely share wisdom gained from 300+ projects completed

We’re flexible in our approach to project structure, methods and billing arrangements

Our dedicated Project Management Office and skilled consultants provide expert guidance

We provide timely, contextualised updates so you’re informed and issues are addressed fast

Our project management methodology ensures you’ll always feel confident that projects are on track, change is well-managed, and the desired business benefits will be achieved.

Talk to us about our project methodology in more detail.

Clear and constructive project guidance

The complexity of each ERP implementation project varies based on your business requirements, the outcomes you want to achieve, the structure of your operation, the number and type of users, and the amount of customisation needed.

Each business, and therefore each ERP implementation project, is different. We collaborate with your business to organise and run projects in a mutually beneficial way.

Your customised plan of attack leverages our experience and finely-tuned processes while accommodating elements that will make the project manageable for you.

Critical to this approach is our dedicated Project Management Office (PMO). They plan, direct and monitor projects, and keep you informed and in control at every stage.

The oversight, transparency and improved communication made possible by our PMO leads to reduced costs, better ROI, fewer risks, and faster and more streamlined projects.

Leverage Technologies’ PMO:

Facilitates kick-off and progress meetings

Manages timesheets, billing and invoices

Coordinates communication across the project team

Oversees project management methodology

Carefully manages changes to scope and deliverables

Generates frequent reports on progress, finances and risks

Creates a clear project schedule, budget and tasks

Identifies issues and opportunities for improvement

Ensures your business achieves the desired business benefits

Manages budget consumption and tasks

Monitors budget variances to avoid surprises

The Complete Guide to

Project Methodologies for successful ERP Implementation

Leverage Technologies’ approach to implementing your new ERP solution in a way that suits the size & scale of your project.

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Flexibility in project methodology


We’re experienced in applying both:

A linear, waterfall-based methodology

If you have a very straightforward ERP implementation, it can be implemented quickly, and you’re unlikely to require changes: a linear methodology may be ideal.

An agile methodology

If you have a more complex project with many variables, you may prefer an agile approach that enables you to revisit and revise the purpose of the project and how that purpose will be realised.

Ensuring your business needs are met


Our consultative approach starts before the project begins. We take the time to talk to you to understand your business and your goals for the future, so we can get on the same page and determine the best way to help.

Two businesses can implement an ERP, BI or CRM solution very differently depending on: sales processes, industry requirements, finance structures, B2C or B2B customer base, the need for mobile sales tools, in-house expertise, geographies within which the business operates and functional requirements.

We evaluate your objectives, capacity and risk to help you determine:

Product-purpose fit and functional checklist

How to handle historical

How to incorporate compliance standards

Configuration, development or integration needs

The ideal project structure and processes

Your training and support

A realistic project timeline and budget

How to incorporate governance protocols

Your internal resourcing requirements

Partnering with us


Our team and your team both have important contributions to make.

You may have internal capabilities that allow you to largely ‘self-steer’ many aspects of the project, or you may require more hands-on support.

The key resources involved in projects of any size include:

Leverage Technologies’
Project Management Office

Leverage Technologies’ consultants and developers

Your internal leadership team
project sponsor

Your internal

Leverage Technologies leadership team and project sponsor

Learn more about the various roles and responsibilities when working together.

Our team is proficient at projects

Our reputation as Australia’s leading software consultancy is based on successful project delivery.

Since our business began in 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of organisations to improve, transform and grow by leveraging enterprise solutions.

We’ve been awarded on numerous occasions by technology vendors SAP, Sage and MYOB for our customer service and implementation excellence.

Our professional and tailored approach to project management makes us great to work with.