SAP Business One demos — See it in action

The best way to appreciate the true value of any product is to see it ‘in the flesh’. That’s why we’ve spent hundreds of hours producing more than 30 SAP Business One demos. Detailed, comprehensive, informative demonstrations that walk you through the functionality of each solution, with video of the presenter and screencast video of the software itself.


SAP Business One Business Intelligence and Analytics – ZAP BI

ZAP BI for SAP Business One. “Out of the box” business intelligence, dashboards, analytics and reporting for SAP Business One.

SAP Business One 9.2 - the new web browser client

In this quick video, we’ll show you how easy it is to access SAP Business One using the new web browser client that has been released as part of SAP Business Version 9.2.
The web browser client works seamlessly with both SAP Business One for HANA and SQL Server.
To learn more visit the Leverage Technologies SAP Business One site at

SAP Business One MS Excel Integration

SAP Business One 9.1 MS Excel integration. Use this MS Excel enhanced SAP Business One 9.1 feature to import data to / from SAP Business One quotations, sales orders, journals and more… a quick demonstration from the team at Leverage Technologies.

SAP Business One HANA Cockpit

SAP Business One (version 9.1) HANA Cockpit. KPI’s, dashboards, analytics and more. Build your own KPI’s and dashboards or choose form the list of standard SAP Business One 9.1 HANA KPIs and dashboards – quick, easy reporting.

SAP Business One HANA Enterprise Search

SAP Business One HANA – Enterprise Search. Another great SAP Business One HANA feature. Search the entire SAP Business One HANA database for documents, business partners, data and more using the SAP Business One HANA Enterprise Search.

SAP Business One HANA Cash Flow Forecast

The best cash flow forecast available – SAP Business One HANA cash flow forecast. Cash flow is critical – get the SAP Business One HANA cash flow forecast to help you manage, report and forecast your cash flow with accuracy. Timelines, criteria and more can be selected to ensure the accuracy of your cash flow reporting.

SAP Business One approval procedures

Using approval procedures and workflow in SAP Business One for approval of purchase orders, sales orders, discounts and other documents. Automate the approvals process in your business with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Finance Modules Overview

SAP Business One – an overview of the financial modules. General ledger, dimensions, journals, budgeting, fixed assets. A quick overview of all the functionality you need to run the financial aspects of your business.

SAP Business One HANA

An overview demonstration of SAP Business One HANA – lighting quick analytics, reporting and do-it-yourself business intelligence. Pervasive analytics, enterprise search, cash flow forecast, HANA Cockpit and more.

SAP Business One Sales Opportunity and CRM

SAP Business One CRM and Sales Opportunity Management. A demonstration of customer relationship management, marketing and sales opportunity reporting in SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Overview

SAP Business One Overview Demonstration. A “look and feel” demonstration of SAP Business One – the complete ERP / Business Management solution for small to medium sized business. Finance, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Manufacturing and Service.

SAP Business One Sales and Accounts Receivable

SAP Business One – Sales and Accounts Receivable demonstration. Quotations, invoicing, delivery notes – item and sales invoice processing. The complete sales and AR process demonstrated in SAP Business One.

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