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Solutions for the Process Manufacturing industry

It’s complicated balancing competing priorities. On one hand, you need to deliver a consistently high-quality product and remain compliant. At the same time, you have to run a fast-paced business capable of responding to customer needs and consumer trends.

It’s clear that the cohesiveness and flexibility of your business systems matter. But can you afford the disruption of upgrading to a modern enterprise solution?

Leverage Technologies helps businesses in the process manufacturing industry to quickly and effectively transform how they operate.

With the right process manufacturing ERP software, process manufacturers gain:


End-to-end visibility, traceability, quality control and compliance


More accurate, automated, and agile production processes


Better recipe management, yields, batch control and labelling


Improved inventory, purchasing, and distribution workflows


Control over costs and insight into company-wide cash flow

We can help your process manufacturing business benefit from a modern ERP solution.

Operate safely, limit costs, and launch new products faster

The process manufacturing industry has the same pressures facing other types of manufacturers in terms of cutting costs, improving productivity and getting the most out of your labour, materials, and machinery.

But process manufacturers also face tougher safety and environmental standards, the risk and stress of managing recalls, and a highly competitive landscape based on product innovation.

Managing all aspects of your value chain via a world-class ERP solution is a forward-thinking approach.

Introducing an integrated ERP system lets your process-based business: 

Link inter-related processes, workflows and data for better information

Uncover and apply improvements that save time, money and manual effort


Maintain transparency to proactively manage compliance and reputation

See real-time metrics, get alerts, and analyse company-wide performance

Extend and scale your business systems up or down as needed

Key features we’ve delivered for the process manufacturing industry:

Market-leading ERP solutions can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and can be tailored to match your unique business needs.

In addition to production management, integrated solutions can cover sales, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, dispatch, accounting and payroll, financial management, field service, and business intelligence reporting.

Specific process manufacturing industry functionality we’ve implemented includes:

Quality assurance monitoring and sample testing

Recipe management and multi-level Bill of Materials

Flexible scheduling of people and resources to meet demand

Precise record-keeping to assist with HACCP, TGA, FDA and ISO standards

Shop floor data management

Routing, work centre management, and resource allocation

Batch control data and batch recall process management

Ingredient and country of origin declarations

Timesheets and reporting against work completed

Regulatory reporting

Work with process-based industry experts 

Get expert technical guidance underpinned by real process manufacturing industry knowledge when you work with Leverage Technologies.

We understand how to overcome manufacturing challenges in a broad range of verticals:

Chemicals, plastics, and paint

Applied sciences

Food and Beverage


Nutraceuticals and supplements


Pharmaceutical and biopharma

Cosmetics, perfumes, and toiletries

Before you know it, you could be reaping the rewards of a powerful yet intuitive enterprise solution. Our experienced and attentive team simplify the steps involved and keep projects on track through proven project management approaches.

Keep pace with better business systems

You’ll gain clarity and performance-boosting efficiencies you wouldn’t have believed were possible when you implement the right ERP solution.

Talk to us today about the best process manufacturing ERP software.