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What Our Clients Say

“SAP Business One from Leverage Technologies is one of the best IT decisions we have ever made. We now have a solid platform to take us into the future and expand with our business” – Hans van der Velden, Managing Director – Keune Australia & New Zealand.

“The Locker Group has been thrilled by the service provided by the Leverage team”– Ed Sill, CEO – Locker Group.

“When we were looking for a partner we wanted a company that had very good support and had a very good reputation in the industry and Leverage Technologies are number one.” – Noah Shroot, Manager – W9

“Our recent enhancement from Leverage has allowed us to reduce our processing times by over 50%.” – Noah Shroot, Manager – W9

“The support offered by the team was absolutely outstanding and we couldn’t be where we are right now without them.” – Chris Cole, Business Development Manager – Markris Foods

“We would definitely recommend Leverage Technologies to any other business looking at implementing a new ERP system.” – Chris Cole, Business Development Manager – Markris Foods

“We chose Leverage as our implementation partner for SAP Business One. It was first and foremost the confidence in SAP but it was just equally as important the confidence that Leverage instilled in us that they were going to deliver a working system.” – Neil O’Sullivan, Group Managing Director – NOJA Power

We wouldn’t recommend any other SAP Business One partner. Leverage’s capabilities, their commitment and their honesty to service delivery makes them a cut above the rest” – Carl Roberts, General Manager – Radcoflex International.

“With Leverage Technologies we have the confidence that the job will be handled professionally and thoroughly” – Chris Organ, IT Manager – Coopervision

“We have a really strong relationship with Leverage Technologies, we have access to their whole teams so the sales, the consultants, the support team and also the management team as well.” – Noah Shroot, Manager – W9

“In our industry is really hard to find people that really know what’s going on and we felt that Leverage Technologies really understood our business.” – Chris Cole, Business Development Manager – Markris Foods

“We would recommend Leverage Technologies 100%. The support offered as well as the relationships that we have built up are really going to put us in good stead for the future.” – Chris Cole, Business Development Manager – Markris Foods

“Wish our internal support desk was as helpful as the Leverage team” – Glen Thompson, Account Manager – Control4 APAC

We were influenced in our choice of MYOB Advanced knowing we’d have a partner that could help deliver the platform we required. Leverage has been very structured, organised and professional.” – Mark Mulder, CEO – Nextt Group

How can we help you?

Call 1300 045 046 now to discuss your business needs, and how we can provide you with a clearer insight into what’s actually happening across your enterprise. You’ll get to speak to an experienced ERP consultant. They may even be able to offer you advice over the phone.

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