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Not-for-profit Industry Solutions

How to fund the positive impact you make is a big dilemma for the leaders of charities, community service providers, professional bodies, membership groups and other non-profits.

Unless you’re operating efficiently and understand what drives revenue, you can’t hope to:

Improve your outcomes

Reach more people

Demonstrate ROI to donors

Launch new programs or services

Provide full audit trails of money invested into programs

Trouble is, the sophisticated business systems that underpin financial visibility and operational improvement don’t come cheaply.

It’s wise to be cautious about large IT investments, but you don’t have to settle for second-best when you work with us to find and embed the ideal ERP solution.

Leverage Technologies delivers affordable ERP solutions tailored for non-profits.

We deliver big business benefits for non-profit budgets

Some enterprise software partners will simply push a product they think is in your price range. Others might promise a cheap and fast implementation without even scoping your project.

Non-profit CEOs, CFOs, IT and Operations Managers are right to be skeptical.

We don’t believe in shortcuts. Instead, we work collaboratively with you to find the best path to addressing your objectives without blowing your budget.

It’s possible to achieve a value-for-money solution that is effectively configured for your unique needs when you work with Leverage Technologies.

Our approach to working with non-profits includes:

Non-profit specific pricing and implementation fees


Managing projects to maximise the use of your internal resources

Listening to your needs before recommending solutions

Offering guidance on money-saving process improvements

Designing clever solutions to deliver ‘must-have’ functionality

Offering staggered implementation projects to spread costs

In a matter of weeks you could be working on an integrated cloud-based system that makes information more accessible, streamlines processes, and gives you a clear view of financial health—all at a price you can afford.

Tailored features for charities and nonprofits

By leveraging world-class ERP software, we develop a solution that aligns beautifully to your specific organisational structure, business model, workflows, reporting requirements and other business needs.

Key features we’ve delivered for the not-for-profit industry include:


Multi-entity financial management and consolidated reporting

Financial data segmentation and analysis by location/team/division


Project tracking, cost management, and resource allocation


Flexible general ledger and fund accounting

Budget vs actual and profitability reporting by project

Recurring revenue and revenue recognition management


Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integration to systems for donation/fundraising management and CRM

In addition, we can tailor your solution to help you manage sales, purchasing, inventory management, payroll, budgeting and business intelligence reporting.

Reinvent your systems to achieve your mission

Scaling your non-profit allows you to increase your impact. To steer your organisation in the right direction for sustainable growth you need integrated systems that:


Connect all of your data and business functions on one platform


Provides real-time data and analysis of performance and profits


Helps you give funders/stakeholders accurate and timely information


Automates and streamlines daily tasks and simplifies reporting


Reduces manual workarounds, duplicated effort, and mistakes


Empowers your team to work smarter and make better decisions

When you work with Leverage Technologies to embrace better enterprise-wide systems, you’ll find it easier to focus on growing revenue and delivering great results.

Talk to us about ERP for nonprofit organisation today.