Engineer to order – Improve order processing, planning, scheduling & reporting

Engineer to order

Engineering to order (ETO) is incredibly complex, even when you’re a relatively small business. And when you start to expand, the complexities expand even faster. Orders of magnitude faster. With more and more customers and staff involved in more and more projects (which are themselves increasingly complex), contract preparation, design specifications, requirements files, engineering changes, parts sourcing and approval processes can become a nightmare. The stakeholder management process, alone, requires a tailored, sophisticated management solution. And then there’s the entire manufacturing and delivery chain to consider.


It’s almost a truism to say that any engineer to order (ETO) business that wishes to remain competitive in growth, requires a tailored ERP system.

Over the past decade, Leverage Technologies has designed and implemented ERP systems for more than 14 ETO businesses. Equipment manufacture, capital equipment engineering, equipment servicing and much more. Our staff have shop-floor experience and a hands-on understanding of the challenges you face. Just as importantly, we have a proven ability to help businesses like yours achieve their objectives, with a rapidly implemented, low-risk solution.

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Sage Enterprise Management or
SAP Business One

We can tailor a Sage Enterprise Management or SAP Business One (with the Enprise Job Costing module) solution to effectively manage:

  • Job costing
  • Job estimating
  • Timesheet (staff) allocation
  • Job scheduling
  • Servicing
  • WIP tracking
  • Forecast cost to complete
  • Job reporting

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Call 1300 045 046 now to discuss your business needs. You’ll get to speak to an ERP consultant with proven expertise in the ETO vertical, and actual shop-floor experience. They may even be able to offer you advice over the phone.