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Business intelligence and analytics solutions for improved performance

The perceptive business leader is always asking ‘why?’ Knowing the reasons that lie behind your current performance is the only real way to make better business decisions.

A purpose-built business intelligence (BI) solution that integrates with your enterprise system helps you delve deeper into your company’s data, and get actionable information in an easy-to-use format.

We can help you transform data into insights in order to:


Extract intelligence from multiple data sources seamlessly, in real-time


Reduce the need for specialist skills to interpret complex information


Generate clear visualisations and reports to communicate better


Make analytical results more accessible to guide strategic decision-making


Learn from past performance, act on immediate opportunities to improve

Work with us to do more with your data.

BI for leading ERP software

Learn about the BI capabilities we can help you achieve with these ERP systems:

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In an era of big data, BI capabilities are critical

Here’s four important reasons to integrate specialist BI software with your enterprise solution:

Making sense of data requires a precise picture of all your data—which may include information that resides outside of your ERP.

Big data is becoming more critical and copious. Information is being generated via websites, CRM, IoT devices, RFID tags, barcodes, manufacturing equipment and more.


Older style reporting tools don’t necessarily allow you to capture all relevant data or provide nuanced answers needed to make smart choices and plan ahead.


Do-it-yourself BI and analytics, or tweaking standard reports, requires IT expertise and is often a costly and time-consuming process.

For businesses that want deeper insights and agility, an integrated BI solution can pull data from multiple sources to provide high-level, actionable insights in real-time.

Problems with outdated reporting solutions


Requires intensive planning, IT resources and time to get right


Locks you into outdated business practices


Usability will likely be inferior, affecting uptake and usefulness


Limited scalability as number of users and needs evolve


Greater cost of implementation and ownership over lifecycle

We support the best BI solutions

Leverage Technologies has the expertise to help you adopt tailored business intelligence solutions that augments the analytics and reporting features of leading ERP solutions from SAP, MYOB and Sage.

The solutions we support all enable your business to securely combine multiple datasets, display insights via user-friendly dashboards and graphics, and drill-deep into underlying transactions to discover more detail.

ZAP Data Hub

  • Powerful data warehousing eliminates manual processing
  • Pre-built data models and analytics that are quick to deploy
  • Smart data connectors to fast-track your BI project


  • Intuitive user interface and customisable data views
  • Impressive data visualisations including animations
  • Collaborate on BI results with teams and business partners

Microsoft Power BI

  • One of the largest BI clouds in the world
  • Innovative product with industry-leading AI features
  • Allows for customised use of BI insights in other apps

We can help you weigh the options to configure the ideal BI solution for your business needs.

Make your data work as an asset

Read this white paper from ZAP for an excellent overview of the steps required to extract intelligence from your data, with a focus on businesses using SAP Business One.

What is Business Intelligence and why does it matter? 

BI is about analysing business data to provide information that supports better decision-making.

With the right BI and analytics solution, you can intuitively understand the causes behind business results—and identify the appropriate next actions—across your sales, marketing, inventory, operations, and finance departments.

How does BI differ from reporting?

Reporting is often a static representation of what happened, focused on a specific activity, data source or time period. BI is a more dynamic way to synthesise and analyse data—the technologies involved in BI allow you to interact with information and get immediate answers to why and how a result occurred.

How does BI differ from analytics?

The key difference is that business analytics uses the analysis of data to develop predictions and elucidate trends that can inform forecasting and planning.

How do BI and analytics benefit your business?

More intelligent decision-making can boost your ability to cut costs and increase sales:

  • Your sales manager can see which reps are underperforming and where they can improve, query margins and product performance, and predict customer behaviour.
  • Your marketing manager can slice data in seconds to better define market segments and optimise their advertising spend.
  • Your operations manager can quickly spot inefficiencies and isolate which processes to fix.
  • Your finance team can dig deeper into costs and identify areas where they can save money.

When implementing BI solutions into your business you will want to achieve business outcomes – improved customer service, better cash flow and streamlined operations by making data available for better, more timely decision-making.

Learn more about reporting vs BI and analytics

Discover the key advantages of business intelligence over standard reporting, and how BI tools actually work. In under 10 minutes of reading time, this white paper will significantly improve your understanding of BI.

Implementing Business intelligence and analytics software

Leverage Technologies has helped hundreds of SMEs Australia-wide to make the most of their digital transformation and run a better business.

Our knowledge of best-of-breed business intelligence and analytics tools is vast, and we assess your unique BI needs against the strengths of different solutions to provide a personalised recommendation.

You’ll also benefit from our decades of experience in guiding successful and cost-effective implementation projects, and genuinely helpful ongoing support.

A more dynamic business, driven by data

Move beyond static reporting functionality and benefit from engaging interfaces that provide immediate answers to burning business questions, with a BI and analytics solution.