Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The perceptive business leader is always asking ‘why’

Knowing the reasons that lie behind your current performance is the only real way to make better business decisions.

A purpose-built business intelligence (BI) solution helps you delve deeper into your company’s data, and get actionable information in an easy-to-use format.

Hungry for answers? Ready for action?

With the right BI solution, you can intuitively understand the causes behind business results—and identify the appropriate next actions—across your sales, marketing, inventory, operations, and finance departments.

An ERP is vital to integrate the data and processes that are core to effective business management.

Most ERP systems will come with a standard suite of reports but these reports tend to generate as many questions as they do answers.

Some businesses can live with the delays and the cost of regularly tweaking their ERP’s reporting capabilities. But for businesses that want agility, a BI solution can pull data from multiple sources—not just your ERP—to provide actionable insights in real-time.

The best BI solutions create a self-service environment that allows users to follow an intuitive train of thought through their data, and approach that same data from multiple angles.

Ultimately, a BI solution empowers your team to identify ways to improve, remedy problems, and respond quickly.

We have the expertise to help you adopt a tailored BI solution to reveal insights with speed and ease that surpasses standard ERP analytics and reporting features.


What are the key differences between Reporting, Business Intelligence and Analytics? Download this whitepaper to learn about the different type of reporting tools available in the market and how Bussiness Intelligence and Analytics can take your business to the next level.

Imagine how that could boost your ability to cut costs and increase sales:

    • Your sales manager can see at a glance which reps are underperforming and exactly where it is they can improve.
    • Your marketing manager can slice data in seconds to better define market segments and optimise their advertising spend.
    • Your operations manager can quickly spot inefficiencies and isolate which processes to fix.
    • Your finance team can dig deeper into costs and identify areas where they can save money.


Business intelligence advice you can trust

Leverage Technologies works with hundreds of Australian businesses, helping them make the best use of technology to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our approach is to assess your business needs in order to recommend a best of breed BI solution that is an optimal fit for your particular requirements.

You will also benefit from dealing with a provider who has an intimate understanding of ERP, which makes for faster and cleaner integration.


A more dynamic business, driven by data

When the insights you need to perform in today’s economy feel just out of reach, it could be a sign you need a business intelligence solution.

With BI in place, mining your data for insight will be simpler, supporting better and faster business decisions.

Let us help you make continuous improvement in the default state within your organisation by implementing the right business intelligence solution.


Get the solution you need for actionable insights

If the time has come to move beyond static reporting functionality and engage with easy-to-use tools that provide immediate answers to burning business questions, talk to Leverage Technologies. Call 1300 045 046 to get advice from an experienced consultant about a business intelligence solution that caters for your specific business needs.