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Warehouse Management Solutions

If your business is in the wholesale distribution industry and has implemented SAP Business One, Sage X3 or MYOB Advanced for ERP you might want to further extend the capability of your ERP solution with an advanced warehouse management software solution.

MYOB Advanced, SAP Business One and Sage X3 are all strong ERP solutions for companies in the wholesale and distribution industry sectors. Typically, each of these ERP for warehouse management system has great core functionality for purchase planning, inventory, batch and serial number management and more.

Want to know more about warehouse management software for SAP B1, Sage X3 and MYOB Advanced.

Functionality offered by integrated warehouse management solutions:

Barcode scanning

Wireless warehouse

Wave picking

Put away management

Advanced inventory management

Advanced bin management

Advanced pick and pack management

License plating

User defined rules for stock movements

Pick path efficiency

Warehouse management KPIs and analytics

Resource optimisation

Integrated to ERP

Other great functions to be considered:

Freight integration

3PL integration

Logistics reporting and analytics

Container management


Transport and vehicle management


B2B customer portal

Inventory is at the heart of what all wholesale/distribution companies require to improve their business operations and grow. A combination of accurate forecasting, purchase planning, shipping/container management, accurate landed costs and careful inventory/warehouse management is required to grow an inventory-based business. With inventory being the most significant asset on the books for most wholesale / distribution businesses, it makes sense to invest in cloud-based solutions to streamline warehouse system operations.

Business Benefits from implementing a warehouse management solution:


Increased pick accuracy


Reduced freight costs


Happy team members


Accurate inventory


Improved quote to cash timeline


Improved customer service


Improved cash flow


Easier stock take


Reduced pick times

Leverage Technologies works with multiple WMS solutions:


.WMS for SAP Business One and MYOB Advanced. .WMS is a cloud-based warehouse management solution designed to streamline warehouse operations. Additional modules cater for transport management – vehicle and freight optimisation.


Datalinx for Sage X3. Designed specifically for the Sage range of ERP products and tightly integrated into Sage X3, Datalinx is the obvious choice for advanced warehouse management to further extend the standard inventory and logistics functions of Sage X3.


Resolv warehouse management for SAP Business One – a SaaS solution built to run on the SAP HANA platform. Tightly integrated to SAP Business One with great functions and features. Additional 3PL, container management and quality control modules are also available.

The team at Leverage Technologies have industry experts ready to answer your questions about wms system, scanning, logistics, freight and transport management. If you want to improve your inventory control and warehouse operations give us a call.

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