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Run smarter and leaner with ERP in the cloud

Cloud computing offers a lower cost of ownership and a more agile business environment. You can run your entire operation in the cloud with robust enterprise solutions from SAP, Sage and MYOB.

A cloud ERP solution is easy to implement, highly secure and reduces many IT management headaches that SMEs encounter. 

We can help you realise a cloud-first strategy with your core business systems to:

Develop enterprise-wide congruity and cloud-enabled agility

Do more with less as you keep pace with the speed of change


Update systems more easily and add new features as you grow

Reduce capital investment and improve cash flow


Scale up, scale down as required

Benefit from a fully-functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with no up-front software and infrastructure costs when you deploy your system in the cloud.

Get advice on the best cloud ERP software for your specific business needs.

Cloud-based solutions to build your capabilities

It’s a digital world. Almost every business in every industry is looking for the right combination of digital tools to improve productivity and provide a seamless customer experience across multiple touch points.

Next-generation cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions that we support – SAP Business OneSage X3, Sage Intacct, SAP Sales Cloud and MYOB Advanced – are built on the latest technologies with an interconnected, networked business environment in mind. Fostering a high-performing, mobile workforce is a breeze.

For instance, SAP Business One, Sage X3, Sage Intacct and MYOB Advanced can be seamlessly integrated with cloud CRM, mobile sales, e-commerce and EDI solutions to improve the customer lifecycle and boost profitability.

SAP, Sage, and MYOB also have extensive online marketplaces, ISV networks and open platforms that make it easy for you to connect complementary solutions or do custom development.

Transparent costs and cloud expertise

A cloud ERP solution allows you to pay monthly for a powerful SaaS business management solution that can be linked to other cloud applications and scale as your team expands or you launch new business ventures.

Choose Leverage Technologies as your cloud ERP implementation partner to:


Adopt a leading ERP solution faster through a standard or tailored implementation


Support a variety of users, integrated applications and locations


Benefit from continual software vendor R&D, online updates and quality support


Reduce operating costs through outsourced cloud expertise


Limit costs of hardware, software and data centre management


Pay monthly for software and support, with no up-front infrastructure costs


Protect your data with world-class security and cloud back-ups


Achieve business benefits

Fewer overheads, more momentum

For growing small to mid-sized businesses, cloud-based ERP systems are becoming a fundamental asset. Enterprise systems provide a base from which you can capture, share, analyse and leverage data from across many different channels, applications and technologies.

Doing business in the cloud provides all the benefits without the hassle and overheads of infrastructure acquisition and maintenance.

A well-implemented cloud-based ERP solutions gives your business the capability to transform digitally, explore emerging trends like AI and IoT, and take advantage of quick, easy to implement value add projects in ways that ensure data and processes remain grounded in delivering business value.

Unlock your full potential in the cloud

Choose Leverage Technologies to create a cloud-based ERP software to take your business forward.

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