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Custom Development

SAP Business One and Sage Enterprise Management are very flexible products. They come with many modules, straight out of the box, so most businesses require little more than intelligent integration development work, and a tweak here and there. But not all businesses…


If your business is highly unusual or in a very niche market, you might require more than just some tweaking. Perhaps a lot more – like the development of an entirely new module to enable specific functionality.

Either way, custom development can be the difference between success and failure for your ERP project. Even small customisations can provide a competitive edge, while complete custom modules can put you streets ahead. Which naturally means your choice of developer is critical to your ongoing success.

Leverage Technologies has been doing custom ERP development since 2005. Everything from day-to-day integration tweaks to full-blown custom modules. Our knowledge of SAP Business One and Sage Enterprise Management is second-to-none, and our business analysts have the experience to understand your real-world requirements, and the hands-on expertise to comprehensively scope it. Likewise, our in-house developers have proven their ability to translate these requirements into real-world solutions, and to test and document these solutions.

Importantly, development means a lot more than simply choosing the right language and coding efficiently and creatively (although both are critical). It also means ensuring your SAP Business One or Sage Enterprise Management development is designed to protect your upgrade path – that you can easily enhance, extend and upgrade it when you need to.

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Leverage custom development

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