Sage X3 – Outstanding control for medium-to-large enterprises

Sage X3 is the world-leader in ERP for medium-to-large enterprises. Backed by Sage – a 30-year ERP veteran, with more than 6 million customers around the world – X3 offers more functionality, more depth and more flexibility than any other product of its type. And at a fraction of the price.


Sage X3 was specifically designed to allow mid-market businesses to manage their entire business cycle – ‘from quote to cash’. To win new customers, expand into new markets, eliminate inefficiencies and increase profit. And with its comprehensive functionality, requiring no custom development or 3rd party solutions, it’s been proven, time and again, to do exactly that.

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Sage X3

  • Runs on Windows, Linux or UNIX
  • Browser-based user interface (device independent)
  • Hosted on premise or in the cloud
  • Supports multiple databases including MS SQL and Oracle
  • Supports single-site, multi-site and multi-country installations
  • Multi-legislation and multi-site roll out and additional languages
  • Scalable enterprise platform
  • Multi-company, inter-company and consolidation
  • Complex distribution and logistics including wireless warehouse management
  • Various manufacturing types – discreet, process, engineer and configure to order

The Sage X3 feature set

Finance – Multi-company, multi-site includes out the box consolidation functionality and reporting. Use dimensions for fast efficient financial reporting by project, profit centre, geography and product group – you decide.

Customer relationship management – Sales force automation, marketing and relationship management – all standard features of Sage ERP X3. Includes warranty management for post-sales customer management.

Purchasing – Workflow, purchase requests, purchase orders, approvals and purchase planning. Fantastic tools to assist with your purchase planning decisions – what to buy, from which supplied within a particular timeframe – monitor on time in full delivery from your suppliers.

Sales – From ‘quote to cash’. Manage the complete sales cycle – quotations, sales order, invoice and payment.

Inventory control – Comprehensive inventory control. Serial number tracking, lot traceability, bin locations, and inventory optimisation – all standard features of Sage ERP X3.


Warehouse management – Wireless warehouse / RF scanning.

Manufacturing – Complete manufacturing for multiple different manufacturing types – discreet, process, configure to order , engineer to order and project manufacturing. All the functions that you’d expect from a mid-range ERP system – MRP, scheduling, and capacity planning to help streamline your shopfloor.

Reporting – Multiple different standard and integrated reporting platforms for Sage X3. Dashboards, alerts, queries, business intelligence and more. All easy to create and configure from your Sage X3 dashboard interface, and configurable per user or group of users.

Mobility – Sage X3 has an HTML 5 interface, which makes mobility a breeze. Android, iPhone and iPad compatibility are all standard features of Sage X3 mobility, giving you access to the information that you want when you want it. Place customer orders, check stock availability, source CRM information and load your employee expenses, all from your mobile device.

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