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What does SAP Business One Cost?

What does SAP Business One Cost

“Surprisingly less than you might expect” is the answer that many people will give to the question “what does SAP B1 cost?”. Whilst many people associate the SAP brand with high-end ERP solutions for large customers it should be noted that SAP has been providing ERP and other technology solutions for small to medium businesses

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Phocas Business Intelligence –Data Analytics and Reporting for SAP Business One

Phocas Branch Dashboard 2

Australian companies are seeing substantial shifts to digital transformation – the use of technology to streamline operations is offering a competitive advantage to companies that embrace technology. With an ever-increasing number of data sources – ERP, CRM, marketing data, IoT and e-commerce, businesses are trying to turn big data volumes into meaningful analytics for timely

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Implementing SAP Business One? How long should it take?

Implement SAP Business One? How long should it take?

The team at Leverage Technologies gets asked this question on a daily basis – “I am implementing SAP Business One – how long should it take”. Over the last 10 years, I have heard companies quote 2 weeks to 12 months (and everything in between) for an SAP Business One implementation. The truth is that

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Dashboards, KPIs and MS Excel Pivot tables – do it yourself reporting with SAP Business One HANA

This is part two of our blog and YouTube posting about writing your own reports in SAP Business One. In part one of this blog we discussed writing queries using the Query Generator. Now let’s consider dashboards, KPI’s and MS Excel Pivot table reporting for SAP Business One. Dashboards, KPIs and pivot tables can be

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SAP Business One Multiple Currencies – saving you time and money.

SAP Business One multiple currencies addon

If you have customers from all over the world transacting in different currencies, you might find it challenging to convert this into your company base currency for Accounting purposes. SAP Business One is capable of handling many different currencies and converting them back into your company base currency, provided that the correct exchange rates etc.

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Leverage Technologies launches a dedicated SAP Business One website

The team at Leverage Technologies has launched a dedicated SAP Business One website This site is intended to give SAP Business One customers, users and companies considering using SAP Business One a “one stop shop” of useful SAP Business One information. There are multiple SAP Business One experts that are regularly contributing to the

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Richard Duffy joins the team at Leverage Technologies

Leverage Technologies is thrilled to announce that Richard Duffy has joined the team at Leverage Technologies – based in the Leverage Sydney office. Richard Duffy worked as part of the SAP Business One Global team for 10 years before spending a year in the United States working for Acumatica. Richard has been appointed as the

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