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SAP Business One 8.82 – MRP (Material requirements Planning)

SAP Business One 8.82 includes several enhancements to the MRP Wizard. Used by SAP Business One customers in the manufacturing and distribution sectors the SAP Business One 8.82 MRP wizard can be very useful for purchase planning. So how does the wizard work and what should we focus on when using the SAP Business One

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SAP Business One CRM – Marketing Campaign Management

With the recent release of SAP Business One 8.82 SAP incorporated Marketing Campaign Management into CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  The campaign management solution allows your marketing team to create a marketing campaign based on your marketing parameters (customer campaign, prospect campaign etc.). Campaigns can be created as one off marketing campaigns with a SAP Business

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SAP Business One Mobility – give your staff improved productivity wherever they are

With the massive increase in Smartphone use, we have all become accustomed to mobile access to e-mail and the web. The good news is that the next phase of mobility – CRM, sales orders, service calls, stock availability and reporting from your business management application are all available from the SAP Business One iPhone and

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SAP Business One – Improving Cash Flow

When you are asked to increase the available capital at your business, are you able to quickly identify options to increase profits, reduce expenses, and otherwise generate cash flow? Many business managers and owners struggle to answer when this question is posed to them. However, those who use SAP Business One are able to quickly

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SAP Business One 8.82

Great news – SAP Business One 8.82 is now in general release. New functions and features include : Enhancements to the payment wizard Marketing campaign management Master Data Enhancements MRP Enhancements Dashboard updates Enhancements to the payment wizard : SAP Business One 8.82 enables you to use the payment wizard in a simpler way, and

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SAP Business One – Stocktake

Every organisation with inventory would be required to have at least a stock take once a year. In this blog, we will step through the process of how to perform a stocktake in SAP Business One. The process of a stocktake is as follows: 1. Print out the stock status from the system 2. Perform

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SAP Business One 8.81 – Relationship Map

More great new functionality from the team at SAP – relationship maps are available in SAP Business One 8.81. Relationship mapping shows the relationship between various SAP Business One documents. On both the sales and accounts payable side of the transaction we can generate various documents which are interrelated. For example we can generate a

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