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SAP Business One 8.81 – Recurring Activities (CRM)

This is the second in the Leverage Technologies series of Blogs which covers new functionality in SAP Business One 8.81.In SAP Business One we can create activities against suppliers and customers. These activities can be notes, telephone calls, meetings and tasks.  Let’s take a quick look at the enhancements which have been made to the

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SAP Business One 8.81 – Purchase Quotations

In a tough economic environment most small to medium businesses are looking for better control of their purchasing process. A key area of potential improvement for many businesses is purchase quotations – the ability to ensure that you receive the best possible pricing from your suppliers. The great news is that SAP Business One (version

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SAP Business One Sales Features

In Part one of the sales features for SAP Business One blog we explored the features of the ‘Item Availability Check’ in Business One marketing documents. Two features were left to cover in this instalment – ‘Change to Earliest Availability’ and ‘Display Available-to-Promise Report’ I have used the same IBM printer as in the previous Business

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Getting more from SAP Business One Distribution

Sales (Marketing Document) features of SAP Business One In Part one of this blog I would like to explore the automatic availability check and alternative items features offered by SAP Business One within marketing documents. We will use the SAP Business One sales order to illustrate these features. In the scenario pictured below I have

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SAP Business One Bank Reconciliation Reporting

This blog demonstrates the use of SAP Crystal Reports and MS SQL to offer an alternative bank reconciliation report for SAP Business One. The technical team at Leverage put this report together. A good demonstration of the flexibility of SAP Business One and SAP Crystal Reports. The Leverage Technologies bank reconciliation report allows you to

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Creating a query in SAP Business One – Part two

Part 2 of my blog – creating a query in SAP Business One. I hope you find the information useful. When the wizard screen appears press next to move to step 2 of the wizard. Type the name of the table noted earlier in the field as shown below. You will see that the wizard

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Creating a SAP Business One SQL Query – Part One

This is part one of my two-part series on creating a basic query in SAP Business One. Over the next few months, I will be providing regular tips and tricks on some of the great functions and features available to users. Many users of SAP Business One (SBO) are unaware that there is a powerful

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