This is the second in the Leverage Technologies series of Blogs which covers new functionality in SAP Business One 8.81.In SAP Business One we can create activities against suppliers and customers. These activities can be notes, telephone calls, meetings and tasks.  Let’s take a quick look at the enhancements which have been made to the activities. With SAP Business One 8.81 we can now create recurring activities. As an example, we might want to create a series of weekly meetings with a customer. In SAP Business One 8.81 we simply choose the type of activity (meeting),  and the subject.


The new functionality available in SAP Business One 8.81 allows us to set the meeting up as a recurring activity. We can choose the start and end date, the number of recurrences and the day of the week for each meeting and the end date/s.

If you want to review the Leverage Technologies YouTube video which shows this functionality in more detail please check out the YouTube video below. Thanks for reading.