SAP Business One version 9.0 is currently in ramp up in Australia. The full product release is planned for Q2 2013. Let’s look at new functionality being proposed for release in SAP Business One version 9.

New “look and feel” – SAP Business One version 9.0 will allow users to choose between the traditional “skin” / look and feel and the new “Golden Thread” skin.

Some of the proposed new functions and features for SAP Business One Version 9.0 are as follows :

Bin locations – enhanced inventory location management with bin locations – multiple sub levels with support for hierarchal and non-hierarchical scenarios.

Inventory counting – enhanced inventory counting and cycle counting – making stock take a breeze.

Multiple units of measure – enhanced functionality to enable selling and purchasing in any unit of measure specified including the ability to define different packaging types per unit of measure.

Purchase requests – start your purchasing process with purchase order requests.

Price List and discount enhancements – additional enhancements to price lists including support for multiple units of measurement for prices and enhanced discount groups.

Marketing document cancellation – automated cancellation process including reconciliation.

Enhanced GL account determination – advanced GL account determination rules provides even more power and flexibility to the GL.

Fixed assets Integration – enhanced functionality for the SAP Business One fixed assets module and tighter integration to other core SAP Business One modules.

Enhanced landed costs – further enhancements to the SAP Business One landed costs functionality to include the ability to create landed costs directly using the copy from function from an AP invoice.

SAP Crystal Reports 2011 Server – upload system and user defined Crystal Reports from SAP Business One version 9.0 to SAP Crystal Reports Server 2011.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange enhancements.

Extensibility Enhancements – SAP Business One Version 9.0 SAP Business One Studio Suite.

Enhanced SAP Business One workflow – design workflow using the SAP Business One version 9.0 Studio. Process visualization provides transparency.

Technical Infrastructure Enhancements – SAP Business One Version 9.0 Single Sign On, 64-bit OS support, Security Enhancements.

This blog covered a quick look and feel of some of the planned functionality in SAP Business One 9.0 – over the next few weeks we will explore some of these great new functions and features in more detail.