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SAP Business One version 9 – inventory counting

SAP Business One (SAP B1) version 9 – Inventory Counting demo.

SAP Business One iPhone and iPad app – mobility for SAP Business One version 1.9

SAP Business One version 9 is now in general release in Australia. With this new version of SAP Business One SAP has also released a new version of the SAP Business One iPad and iPhone app – taking SAP Business One with you wherever you are – true mobility. New features include: Sales  catalogue –

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SAP Business One Version 9 Inventory Counting

SAP Business One Version 9 offers a new end to end inventory counting process to help improve inventory accuracy. The SAP Business One Version 9 inventory counting allows the warehouse manager to determine the frequency of stock counts based on cycle count determinations. For example a decision might be made to count all high value

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SAP Business One Version 9 – Purchase Order Requisitions

SAP Business One version 9 includes new purchase order requisition functionality.  This functionality allows the user to create an SAP Business One purchase order requisition / purchase order request. The purchase order request will notify the purchasing department that a request for purchase has been made. Assume that Brett is working in the SAP Business

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SAP Business One – Purchase Requisitions

SAP Business One (SAP B1) version 9 – purchase requests demo.

SAP Business One Warehouse Management

SAP Business One has a complete inventory control and warehouse management solution to control your warehouse, logistics and inventory.  Some of the common functions available as standard or integrated features of warehouse management for SAP Business One include: Warehouse Bin / location management (SAP Business One Version 9.0 +).  Use SAP Business One warehouse management

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SAP Business One Journal upload from MS Excel

Looking for an easy to use mechanism to upload journal entries into SAP Business One? The Leverage Technologies SAP Business One journal upload / journal integration module is the easiest and most cost effective method to upload journal entries from MS Excel to SAP Business One. Uploading Journal entries from MS Excel into SAP Business

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