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The Secret Cost of Not Implementing an ERP System Revealed

While the cost of implementing an ERP solution can be scoped out, it’s the cost of NOT implementing an ERP that you should be worrying about. What we mean by that? Using your outdated ERP software, basic accounting package or running your business on spreadsheets can be a dangerous business. In this post we are

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ERP Software Implementations – making the implementation plan work from start to finish

ERP Implementation plan spreadsheet

When implementing ERP software we all know the importance of the ERP project plan – let’s take a more detailed look at what should be included in your ERP software project plan. This article has been specifically written for small to medium-sized businesses looking to implement ERP software. Template ERP Software Implementation Plan It pays

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Dashboards, KPIs and MS Excel Pivot tables – do it yourself reporting with SAP Business One HANA

This is part two of our blog and YouTube posting about writing your own reports in SAP Business One. In part one of this blog we discussed writing queries using the Query Generator. Now let’s consider dashboards, KPI’s and MS Excel Pivot table reporting for SAP Business One. Dashboards, KPIs and pivot tables can be

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User Acceptance Testing Checklist for ERP – 6 Key Elements + Downloadable Template

User acceptance testing checklist for project managers and consultants

In this post we are going to review the key elements every User Acceptance Testing checklist should have. First of all, whether you are embarking on a complete overhaul of your ERP solution or you are upgrading to a more recent version, user acceptance testing before go live is an important implementation milestone. ERP solutions

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12 Factors Influencing The Cost of Your ERP Implementation

12 Factors Influencing The Cost of Your ERP Implementation for business

Over the past 12 years we have seen ERP solutions (designed for small to medium business) implemented in anything from one month to one year or longer. Investments range from $20,000 to multiple millions dollars for implementations that we have personally been involved in. With this in mind, we can certainly bring you some valuable

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8 Reasons You Need Internal “Muscle” To Implement An ERP Solution

Internal Muscle To Implement An ERP Solution

Businesses looking to implement an ERP solution may or may not be aware of the many different aspects to consider in order to ensure a successful delivery. I have written many articles on the reasons for success and failure of ERP projects. I have included analysis of Cloud vs On-premise ERP and several other considerations. For

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Cloud ERP vs On-premise ERP: Solving The Great Business Debate

Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP Australia

Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP, which is the better option for my business? As we have learned from many years of implementing such solutions, there is no single right or wrong answer to the Cloud vs On-Premise debate for Enterprise Resource Planning systems. We have implemented Cloud, Hosted, Private Cloud and On-Premise solutions since 2005

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