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A beginner’s guide to choosing the wrong ERP software in 5 steps

How to implement the wrong ERP in 5 steps

We often write about Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and what businesses should be looking for in terms of budget, functional fit and other technical aspects. After having implemented ERP software for more than 250 businesses we can surely say that choosing an ERP software solution requires a strict process, clear team responsibilities and the expertise

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How technology can help improve customer experience in Wholesale Distribution

Customer satisfaction in the wholesale distribution industry

Businesses operating in the Wholesale Distribution industry are faced with a number of priorities including maintaining optimum inventory levels, ensuring accurate order fulfilment, shipping and more. All this while optimising cash flow and acquiring new customers. In today’s markets, wholesale distributors need to evolve fast and remain efficient to provide a high level of customer

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How Technology Enables CFOs to Meet an Expanding Finance Mandate

Technology in the evolving mandate of finance managers

As finance mandates at small and midsize enterprises expand quickly, a typical day in the life of Finance Managers and CFOs is no longer what it used to be. Finance departments are playing a more prominent role in enabling or leading the strategic transformations their companies need to succeed and remain relevant in a highly

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What Digital Transformation Means for Small and Midsize Manufacturers

What Digital Transformation means to manufacturers

Manufacturers have traditionally led other industries in the implementation of transformative technology. However, digitization of manufacturing operations and functions has come about more out of necessity rather than just preference. Digital technologies are critical to small and midsize companies that hope to streamline production processes and drive value, setting them apart from their competitors. Here’s

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ERP of the Future: 2018 Top Trends in Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP of the Future- 2018 Top Trends in Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning has evolved appreciably over the past decade or so. It’s very advanced today, and it continues to grow into a versatile, scalable, and multi-faceted resource that businesses of all sizes may leverage to catalyze performance enhancements in the value chain. Our predictions for the top ERP trends to track going forward After

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How High-Tech Companies are Pioneering the Digital Economy

How high-tech companies are pioneering digital innovation so you don't have to

Digital technology is transforming business and service delivery models at an astonishing rate. Businesses that fail to adapt quickly will miss out on immense opportunities to drive efficiency in the value chain. The good news is that high-tech firms are doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and

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An Introduction To Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management [WEBINAR]

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Webinar With Sage Australia and Leverage Technologies

A few months ago, we have showcased a demo of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management for the Food & Beverage industry. Today, Leverage Technologies invited Sue Coleman, Technical Consultant at Sage Australia to present a high-level overview of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management – the ERP software solutions for larger businesses with complex requirements. During this

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