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How High-Tech Companies are Pioneering the Digital Economy

How high-tech companies are pioneering digital innovation so you don't have to

Digital technology is transforming business and service delivery models at an astonishing rate. Businesses that fail to adapt quickly will miss out on immense opportunities to drive efficiency in the value chain. The good news is that high-tech firms are doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and

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An Introduction To Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management [WEBINAR]

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Webinar With Sage Australia and Leverage Technologies

A few months ago, we have showcased a demo of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management for the Food & Beverage industry. Today, Leverage Technologies invited Sue Coleman, Technical Consultant at Sage Australia to present a high-level overview of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management – the ERP software solutions for larger businesses with complex requirements. During this

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8 considerations to help your business choose the best ERP solution

8 recommendations for choosing the best ERP software solution. for your business

Looking to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for your business? Enterprise Resource Planning has evolved drastically over the last few years. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Cloud Computing have all contributed to better-performing ERP solutions that are easier to implement and use. Here are our top recommendations for the key aspects to consider when

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3 Ways Modern ERP is Enabling the Digital Supply Chain

3 ways the modern ERP has enabled digital transformation

The modern supply chain has undergone something of a digital transformation as leading companies seek to engage and deliver customized goods or services quickly and directly to customers. Today, top enterprises are leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics to the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and the cloud, to automate

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Digital Transformation Trends In The Australian Professional Services Sector

Digital Transformation in the Australian Professional Services Market

In the business world, digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword. Neither is it a luxury that small and midsize professional services can do without. Instead, it’s a matter of survival—something that Australian businesses must do to beat the stiff market competition and avoid lagging behind. These service firms are digitising various aspects of

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The Business Guide To Enhancing Customer Experience Through Technology

Customer Experience Technology by SAP

We are all well aware that creating a great customer experience is how we ensure the future of any business. Happy customers pay on time, purchase more products and provide references. We have to look beyond traditional ERP and CRM to ensure we are using technology to provide the ultimate enabler to help us better

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Top 3 ERP Misconceptions & Myths Businesses Want To Believe

ERP Misconceptions and myths businesses want to believe

In this article, we are going to review some of the common ERP misconceptions that often come up during our consulting sessions. If you are going through an ERP selection/evaluation process for your business, we hope that this article will help you shed some light on what ERP is, what it’s not and what your

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