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SAP Business One Sales Report – Crystal Reports – monthly customer status

SAP Business One 8.82 includes another great example of SAP Crystal Reports integration – the SAP Business One monthly customer status report (SAP Business One sales reports). Available on the standard SAP Business One Sales AR menu under the Sales Reports section this report is a great addition to the other standard SAP Business One

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SAP Business One Inventory and distribution – streamlining your logistics

SAP Business One offers comprehensive inventory control, warehousing and logistics functionality. Purchasing and purchase planning with built in workflow assists your team in making the right purchasing decisions. The SAP Business One MRP (Material Requirements Planning) Wizard can be used to further assist with purchase planning and creation of sales orders. Here are some of

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SAP Business One EDI – Saving you time and money by integrating your supply chain.

Many SAP Business One wholesale / distribution companies in Australia are running or have contemplated running EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to streamline supply chain and SAP Business One logistics. For some companies the requirement for EDI comes from the customer – large retail companies in Australia are constantly looking to streamline their ordering and fulfilment.

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SAP Business One mobile app version 1.7 released.

A new version of the SAP Business One iPhone and iPad app has been released – version 1.7.0. What’s new in release 1.7.0 of the SAP Business One iPhone and SAP Business One iPad app.:  Log into the SAP Business One app with up to two mobile devices per user. Log in using your iPad

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SAP for SME – is SAP really for small business?

“SAP light? SAP for SME? SAP for small business? I am a relatively small business – is there an SAP product for me?” These are questions that people ask on a regular basis. The answer is a resounding yes – SAP Business One is the SAP solution aimed at the SME (small to medium enterprise)

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SAP Business One Sales Opportunity Management

SAP Business One (SAP B1) sales opportunity management demonstration. Manage your sales pipeline and strategic sales cycles using SAP Business One CRM.

SAP Business One Cloud – OnDemand solutions with cloud pricing for implementation services – the next chapter in Business Management Software

If you are considering SAP Business One as your new business management solution you might be asking – “cloud” or “on-premise” – what is the best option for my business? The team at Leverage recently published a blog SAP Business One Cloud / OnDemand or on Premise. A number of people read the blog and

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