SAP Business One Version 9.1 is now in “Ramp Up”/ customer testing. Some great new functions and features are included in this version. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights –

Enhanced manufacturing / production

  • A new module in SAP Business One manufacturing to manage and plan resource capacity.
  • Ability to capture machine, labour and other resources with associated costs.
  • This module with assist with capacity planning and the optimization of production planning whilst including resource costs in the final / finished product costing.
  • There are also additional enhancements to the bills of material module and production process.

Inventory item cost valuation (based on serial and batch)

  • New valuation method available for serial numbered and batch-managed items.
  • Item cost can be managed at the serial or batch number level.
  • This will allow profitability to be calculated for a specific serial number or batch.

Role based user administration

  • The ability to create role based authorisations in SAP Business One.
  • Create permission groups in SAP Business One.
  • Reduced user administration associated with user authorisations and permissions.

Multiple branches

  • Create sales and purchasing transactions for a dedicated branch (NSW, QLD, Vic etc.) within a single SAP Business One database.
  • Easily report by branch (P&L etc.)
  • Warehouse management by branch.
  • Restrict usage of business partners by branch.
  • All financial transactions separated by branch.

Other SAP Business One version 9.1 enhancements include:

  • Additional data sources for MRP.
  • Enhancements to blanket agreements.
  • Maximum weight allocation per bin number.
  • Weight factor for unit conversion.
  • Price list enhancements with easier management and updating of price lists.
  • Pick and pack enhancements.
  • Cost centre support for fixed assets.
  • Crystal Reports enhancements.

The team at Leverage Technologies has been implementing and supporting SAP Business One since 2005. SAP Business One 9.0 and SAP Business One 9.1 has seen significant enhancements in in functionality – making for a great solution for our customers. Well done SAP.

If you want more information about SAP Business One Version 9.1 please contact the team at Leverage on 1300 045 046.