A standard module with all SAP Business One implementations is the Remote Support Platform or RSP. This module although not widely discussed has been a giant leap forward in providing pro-active system driven support for SAP Business One.

The Remote Support Platform acts as a sentinel, monitoring and performing maintenance tasks quietly in the background such as;

  • Protecting SAP Business One Installations by sending alerts to key users and database administrators about issues requiring attention, such as hard drives with not enough space or old redundant backups being stored.
  • Automated monitoring of the SAP Business One structure and sending incident reports when they are identified as requiring attention.
  • Regularly backing up the SAP Business One databases and either storing them locally, or pushing them to one of many Cloud backup facilities available.
  • Correcting known SAP Business One database inconsistencies with regular scans of the company databases, and performs fixes upon user requests.
  • Checks for version updates of SAP Business one and allows for the efficient downloading and monitoring of the updates.

With the new enhancements in SAP Business One version 9 and Remote Support Platform version 3.0, SAP Business One delivers to the end users a higher level of performance, while quietly performing automated tasks during the hours of low systems utilisation. At the same time the SAP Business One Remote Support Platform is alerting both internal key users and remote support resources of any potential issues that may have arisen within the SAP Business One databases, allowing for proactive maintenance of your SAP Business One solution.

The SAP Business One Remote Services Platform is another great example of the investment that SAP continues to make in streaming SAP Business One support and maintenance for customers.