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Cloud ERP vs On-premise ERP: Solving The Great Business Debate

Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP Australia

Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP, which is the better option for my business? As we have learned from many years of implementing such solutions, there is no single right or wrong answer to the Cloud vs On-Premise debate for Enterprise Resource Planning systems. We have implemented Cloud, Hosted, Private Cloud and On-Premise solutions since 2005

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Using ERP Technology as an Enabler for Better Business Outcomes

ERP technology for better business outcomes

In the new world of ERP technology, business management solutions, cloud computing and mobility the outcomes that we are expecting from our ERP implementation need to be re-evaluated. The outcomes that we expect are driven by technology and the fact that the deployment of technology is becoming quicker, easier and more relevant for SMEs. Think

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4 Tips to Avoid ERP Budget Overrun Nightmares

ERP Project overrun

If you are considering implementing an ERP solution you might be asking yourself which are the major implementation risk areas that might lead to ERP budget overrun? After all, you will have a budget and you will want to stick to it! The board of directors approves a budget for software / cloud, implementation and

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SAP Business One Multiple Currencies – saving you time and money.

If you have customers from all over the world transacting in different currencies, you might find it challenging to convert this into your company base currency for Accounting purposes. SAP Business One is capable of handling many different currencies and converting them back into your company base currency, provided that the correct exchange rates etc.

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Measuring ERP Return on Investment (ROI) – A How-To Guide for Business

Calculating the ERP Return on Investment for Business

Considering implementing an ERP solution and wondering how to measure the ERP Return on Investment (ROI)? With so many different perspectives on how to calculate the Return on Investment of an ERP solution, we thought we would give our own view on the topic. In the last 12 years we have been involved in more than

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A step by step guide to selecting the right ERP Software [INFOGRAPHIC] – Part 2

If you are reading our guide to selecting the right ERP Software, chances are your organisation is in the market for a whole of business management solution to support future growth. The good news is, we have implemented hundreds of ERP solutions over the years. Today we are bringing this knowledge to you. In our

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A step-by-step guide to ERP Software selection [INFOGRAPHIC] – Part 1

Many Small to Medium Sized Businesses are confused and overwhelmed by their ERP Software selection process. Deploying the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software means setting your business up for increased productivity and operational efficiencies. However, choosing an implementation partner, selecting the right ERP vendor and managing the project can be daunting. Over the past

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