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Implementing ERP – keep it simple and use best practices to reduce risk

ERP Implementation Risks– Use Best Practices To Reduce It

Implementing ERP and want to avoid the risk of budget overruns and project delays? Learn from the experts – focus areas to help you implement your ERP project on budget and on time. When project teams discuss implementing ERP solutions they focus on key outcomes: Delivering business value and the associated return on investment An

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Small Business to Digital Business – implementing ERP solutions to super-charge your business growth

Small Business to Digital Business-super-charge your business growth

Is Consultancy as a Service the Future of ERP Cloud Implementations?

Is Consultancy as a Service the Future of ERP Cloud Implementations

When implementing cloud-based ERP Solutions companies are attracted to the cloud by several advantages that cloud / Software as a Service ERP offers: Predictable monthly investment in Software as a Service Cloud access – anywhere, anytime from any device World-class backup and security from global cloud providers of ERP solutions Scalability Quick ROI Easy upgrades

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What does it cost to implement cloud ERP solutions? Questions to ask your Cloud ERP Provider.

Cloud ERP Cost: What does it cost to implement cloud ERP solutions Questions to ask your Cloud ERP Provider.

Cloud ERP solutions are giving small to medium-sized companies access to digital transformation, technology and information that was previously reserved for large businesses with big IT budgets. Cloud ERP solutions have provided several benefits for smaller businesses: A “pay as you use” software license model (SaaS) Easy scalability to increase user count, user access and

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Implementing ERP – Don’t Ignore Reporting, Analytics and BI

Implementing ERP – Don’t ignore reporting, analytics and BI

When implementing ERP solutions, companies often overlook business intelligence and analytics requirements – assuming standard ERP reporting will “do the job”. It is true that most modern ERP solutions offer standard reporting, analysis and dashboards but, there are other reasons to consider Business Intelligence solutions when implementing ERP. Modern, cloud-based ERP solutions offer several reporting,

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ERP Implementation – a phased approach to success

erp implementation approach

ERP solutions are designed to deliver business benefits for companies that are growing rapidly, entering new markets and territories and are looking to digital transformation to gain competitive advantage. The challenge is that most small to medium-sized companies that consider ERP solutions do so when their businesses are growing rapidly and resources are under pressure.

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Implementing ERP solutions – is fixed price possible?

You have decided to implement a new ERP system for your business, you have shortlisted your preferred ERP supplier and now you are negotiating the all-important implementation pricing. Should you be asking for a fixed price implementation or an agile “do and charge” approach? There are several different methodologies available and several different ways to

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