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An Introduction To Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management [WEBINAR]

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Webinar With Sage Australia and Leverage Technologies

A few months ago, we have showcased a demo of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management for the Food & Beverage industry. Today, Leverage Technologies invited Sue Coleman, Technical Consultant at Sage Australia to present a high-level overview of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management – the ERP software solutions for larger businesses with complex requirements. During this

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Sage X3: Who Are The Ideal Users?

Sage Enterprise Management ideal users

Sage X3 has been defined as the best solution for midsize enterprises that need more from their ERP software without having to spend millions of dollars on “heavyweight” ERP systems. What does this mean and how can we position the Sage Cloud offering within the spectrum of ERP solutions available to Australian businesses? In this

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ERP for the Food and Beverage Industry: A Recipe for Success

erp software for food processing industry

Looking for a Food ERP Software? In this article, we are going to explore some key aspects to consider when selecting an ERP Software for the food industry. The Australian food and beverage industry is highly regulated…..HACCP, traceability, quality control – these are just some of the key aspects that organisations operating in this industry

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Is Sage X3 the right ERP Solution for my business?

Is Sage X3 the right ERP solution for my business?

Sage X3 (now called Sage Enterprise Management, part of the Sage Business Cloud offering introduced in Australia earlier this year) is the flagship ERP solution from the global ERP provider Sage. Sage is a veteran of the ERP market and one of the biggest providers of ERP solutions to the mid-market in Australia and across

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Leverage Technologies Wins Sage Partner of the year Award, Sage X3 Highest Revenue Award

Sage Partner of the year Award

Feb 2016: Leverage Technologies has been awarded three prestigious Sage awards: Sage Partner of the Year, Sage X3 – Highest Revenue, Sage President’s Club. The team at Leverage Technologies markets, sells, implements and supports Sage X3 for the Australian mid-market. Leverage Technologies has had a hugely successful year with the acquisition of multiple new Sage

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Sage X3 intercompany made easy

Sage ERP X3 is an ERP solution designed for medium to larger sized companies. Larger organisations often have several companies registered in the group – sometimes across different geographies, time zones and legislations. With this in mind the Sage X3 system is designed to manage and operate multiple companies and sites with ease. Within a

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Which factors will influence the cost to implement Sage ERP X3?

Sage ERP X3 is considered a mid-market solution – aimed at medium sized companies. So what should you expect to pay for an implementation of Sage ERP X3. The answer is a bit like the answer any reputable ERP vendor should give when asked the question of implementation cost……I need more information. Implementation costs for

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