SAGE ERP X3Sage ERP X3 is considered a mid-market solution – aimed at medium sized companies. So what should you expect to pay for an implementation of Sage ERP X3. The answer is a bit like the answer any reputable ERP vendor should give when asked the question of implementation cost……I need more information. Implementation costs for any ERP solution will depend on a number of factors. Let’s explore a few of these….

Project management – will you provide your own project manager? Having your own internal project manager can greatly reduce the time to implement and will reduce the associated implementation costs.

Sage ERP X3 Cloud or on premise – the good news is that Sage ERP X3 is available in the cloud or on-premise. You can decide which the best option for your business is. Cloud can reduce the short term cash flow impacts by reducing the upfront hardware and infrastructure costs associated with an on-premise solution.

Multi-site, multi-location – Sage ERP X3 has great inter-company, multi-company and consolidation functionality. A single site, single legislation (one country) implementation is obviously simpler and therefore requires less days (and less investment) to implement.

Reporting – Sage ERP X3 offers a number of standard reporting options. Additional, user specific, reporting can be easily added though integrated reporting tools like Sage Enterprise Intelligence. As with any ERP implementation reporting can have a major influence on implementation pricing. Make use of the standard reports to keep your implementation investment low.

Change management – a number of factors will influence how much change management is required:

  • Size of company
  • Company culture
  • Involvement of C Level executives
  • Implementation timeframes and structure

Functional requirements – what functional requirements are being implemented? Finance, inventory, warehouse management, manufacturing, configure to order?

Data conversion – How much data is being converted, what is the current format of data and what “state” is data the data in?

Development and integration – are there any development and / or integration requirements?

These are some of the factors that will influence the days it takes to implement Sage EPR X3, or any other ERP solution.