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How to Use Business Management Software to Increase Cash Flow

Successfully running any type of business will involve an abundance of hard work, significant time, and well managed cash flow. Unfortunately in today’s tough economy, it is especially challenging to maintain a positive cash flow. Competition is fierce and the global marketplace allows buyers to quickly comparison shop online for all of their needs and

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The Biggest Mistakes a Business Can Make During ERP Upgrades And How To Avoid Them

Implementing a Small Business CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is among the most complex, time-consuming and expensive tasks done by a typical IT department. There is a high potential for unexpected delays, complications, and extra expenses. Many companies make costly mistakes and that is why we have compiled a list

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7 Warning Signs That Your ERP System Is Holding Your Business Back

Unfortunately, all software solutions have a shelf-life and eventually it will be necessary to upgrade or enhance your current ERP system. Your existing program won’t be able to incorporate all of the new technological advancements, it will become slower and bogged down, and your competitors will start to gain a slight advantage. These are just

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SAP Business One – setting up a new financial year

It’s that time of year again – for most Australian companies year end is approaching – 30th June. Fortunately creating a new financial year in SAP Business One is a simple process. Setting up financial periods in SAP Business One: If you are running SAP Business One 8.8x go to: Administration → System Initialisation →

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SAP Business One version 9 – inventory counting

SAP Business One (SAP B1) version 9 – Inventory Counting demo.

SAP Business One iPhone and iPad app – mobility for SAP Business One version 1.9

SAP Business One version 9 is now in general release in Australia. With this new version of SAP Business One SAP has also released a new version of the SAP Business One iPad and iPhone app – taking SAP Business One with you wherever you are – true mobility. New features include: Sales  catalogue –

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SAP Business One Version 9 Inventory Counting

SAP Business One Version 9 offers a new end to end inventory counting process to help improve inventory accuracy. The SAP Business One Version 9 inventory counting allows the warehouse manager to determine the frequency of stock counts based on cycle count determinations. For example a decision might be made to count all high value

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