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Richard Duffy joins the team at Leverage Technologies

Leverage Technologies is thrilled to announce that Richard Duffy has joined the team at Leverage Technologies – based in the Leverage Sydney office. Richard Duffy worked as part of the SAP Business One Global team for 10 years before spending a year in the United States working for Acumatica. Richard has been appointed as the

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Warehouse management improvements – the lifeblood of your distribution business (Part 2)

This is a continuation of a previous blog (available here). We hope that these two blogs help you run your warehouse and inventory better. Lost orders? Count them. The finance director wants you to hold less stock – after all excess stock ties up cash flow. The sales team wants you to have as much

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Warehouse management improvements – the lifeblood of your distribution business (Part 1)

This is part one of our two part blog to help you get better use of your ERP system for warehouse and inventory management. If your business is in the wholesale, distribution sector you will no doubt understand that there is a direct correlation between inventory and warehouse management and your bottom line. For a small

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SAP Lumira Geographical Reporting for SAP Business One

SAP Lumira offers a self-service business intelligence tool that can be used by team members to write their own reports. Source data can be SAP Business One, SAP HANA, csv files, MS Excel and other related sources. There are multiple great features in SAP Lumira but today I was using the geographical reporting and I

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SAP Business One – writing your own reports – SAP Lumira – Self Service Business Intelligence

SAP Business One – Create Your Own Reports – part 3 This is part three of our blog and YouTube series focused on writing your own reports in SAP Business One. Part one focused on the SAP Business One Query Generator, part two we looked at using SAP Business One HANA to write your own

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Using SAP Business One and want to write your own reports?

It does not matter if you are using SAP Business One or any other ERP / business management solution – the question I am often asked is “can I write my own reports?”. I have worked with SAP Business One for 10 years – and I am proud to say that the answer to the

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SAP Lumira – Leverage Customer Seminar – October 2015

Leverage Technologies holds monthly customer seminars to give our customers updates on new versions of SAP Business One and related technologies. Our October seminar focused on SAP Lumira – a business intelligence reporting tool with integration options to SAP Business One (HANA and SQL Server). The real strength behind SAP Lumira is that it is

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