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Leverage Technologies launches a dedicated SAP Business One website

The team at Leverage Technologies has launched a dedicated SAP Business One website This site is intended to give SAP Business One customers, users and companies considering using SAP Business One a “one stop shop” of useful SAP Business One information. There are multiple SAP Business One experts that are regularly contributing to the

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SAP Business One customer order notifications – helping improve customer service

The team at Leverage has received regular requests for automated order acknowledgements to be sent from SAP Business One. The requirement varies slightly from customer to customer but essentially needs an automated email to be sent to customers on various order statuses: Receipt of order from customer; Order status update; Dispatch of order to customer;

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SAP Business One Dunning letters – helping your business collect cash.

Most SME’s will agree that cash is critical for business growth. ERP providers talk about helping with the quote to cash process – expediting the collection of cash in your business. The good news is that SAP Business One provides us with multiple cash collection tools and reports to help improve your cash flow. The

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SAP Business One HANA Analytical Reporting

Using SAP Business One you can add analytics to the business partner master form (and other forms/windows) giving the user instant access to the relevant customer, supplier, lead and other related information. These analytics can be graphical or grid-based. The image below shows a graphical view of the gross sales for a customer by year

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SAP Business One – setting up a new financial year

It’s that time of year again – for most Australian companies year end is approaching – 30th June. Fortunately creating a new financial year in SAP Business One is a simple process. Setting up financial periods in SAP Business One: If you are running SAP Business One 8.8x go to: Administration → System Initialisation →

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SAP Business One Version 9 Inventory Counting

SAP Business One Version 9 offers a new end to end inventory counting process to help improve inventory accuracy. The SAP Business One Version 9 inventory counting allows the warehouse manager to determine the frequency of stock counts based on cycle count determinations. For example a decision might be made to count all high value

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SAP Business One Version 9 – Purchase Order Requisitions

SAP Business One version 9 includes new purchase order requisition functionality.  This functionality allows the user to create an SAP Business One purchase order requisition / purchase order request. The purchase order request will notify the purchasing department that a request for purchase has been made. Assume that Brett is working in the SAP Business

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