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What does the ‘uberisation’ of the supply chain look like?

The ubersiation of supply chain in Australia

Getting a product from production into a customer’s hands requires many steps, but the processes and channels involved are changing dramatically. Customer-focused approaches and peer-to-peer transactions facilitated by technology are causing many industries to re-think traditional business models. One template for success is characterised by technology-driven startups like Uber, who achieved rapid growth while competing

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On-premise vs Cloud vs Hosted: What’s the difference?

Hosted vs On-Premise vs Cloud ERP what's the difference?

This post helps you understand the difference between cloud, on-premise and hosted private cloud ERP implementations, including the pricing and why you might choose one over another. New technologies have increased your options when it comes to how you’ll deliver the software you need to run an effective business. The range of choices and technical

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What Digital Transformation Means for Small and Midsize Manufacturers

What Digital Transformation means to manufacturers

Manufacturers have traditionally led other industries in the implementation of transformative technology. However, digitization of manufacturing operations and functions has come about more out of necessity rather than just preference. Digital technologies are critical to small and midsize companies that hope to streamline production processes and drive value, setting them apart from their competitors. Here’s

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Leverage Technologies invited to the 2017 Sage CEO Circle in Mexico

Sage CEO Circle 2017 Leverage Technologies in Mexico - Top Partner in Australia

Sage, the market leader in cloud business management solutions has recently invited Leverage Technologies to the 2017 Sage CEO Circle at the Rosewood resort in Mayakoba, Mexico. The Sage CEO Circle is a program that recognises the top 50 Sage partners worldwide. Winning partners are selected as a result of their outstanding performance in serving

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