Want quick, easy access to workflow, data and information based on your company workflow and business process………implement the SAP Business One Hana Workbench.

Users can include the SAP Business One HANA Workbench on their SAP Business One HANA Cockpit 

The SAP Business One HANA Workbench provides a graphical view of the business process for a user:hana_workbench_1The above example shows a typical SAP Business One purchasing process. A purchase request is raised, then a purchase order to start the purchasing process. A user gets a great visual of the process and can click on the relevant visual to drill down to that process in SAP Business One. A user can also click on the blue button to get other related information. In the above example the user has clicked on the purchase order related information to get additional information –

  • An open items list / report
  • A document drafts report
  • A price list report
  • A last prices report
  • Other information that relates to the purchase order

The workbench editor allows you to customise the standard SAP Business One workbench widgets to your business processes and workflow. Using the above workbench example if your business does not start the purchasing process with a purchase request (the first step in the process might be a purchase order), then we can delete the purchase request from the workbench.

Standard SAP Business One HANA workbench widgets include:

  • Purchasing process (as seen above).
  • Sales process:hana_workbench_2
  • Stock Management / Inventory process:hana_workbench_3
  • Financials:hana_workbench_4If you are using SAP Business One HANA be sure to enable the workbench widgets – your users will thank you.