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Why are niche products more popular and how can your business capitalise?

This post examines what’s behind the increase in niche markets and what kind of approaches and technologies can help manufacturers and distributors to benefit. Greater diversity among consumers and savvier purchasing behaviour has implications for businesses that make and sell goods, whether you’re selling to retailers or direct to consumers.  When it comes to niche

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How might the future supply chain be impacted by blockchain?

Learn more about Blockchain and how it will likely enable new ways of delivering value across the supply chain. The tools of every trade are changing—digital platforms, devices, and technologies are redefining what it means to be in business. Every industry must evolve as the world becomes more interconnected and data-driven. Blockchain is one emerging

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What is project governance and how does executive oversight shape ERP projects?

This article explores project governance and the role your Board and executive team can play in guiding an ERP implementation. Running a complex, mid-sized business in this day and age is difficult without integrated, digital business systems. The question business leaders now face is not so much whether they need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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5 sustainability trends changing the future of wholesale distribution

What does an increased emphasis on environmental sustainability mean for wholesale and distribution businesses? Sustainable practices are becoming a prerequisite for doing business in a world where environmental degradation threatens the stability of global economies and the health and wellbeing of human populations. Global supply chains will be shaped in the near future by consumer

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Here’s why you need a digitally-savvy supply chain workforce

Digitally Savvy staff and supply chain

This post explores the importance of empowering your employees to achieve success in a digital supply chain. Your business needs to adapt to succeed in a digital era. But it’s not just about new business models, online platforms and emerging technologies. What you make or sell—how you deliver value in a digital supply chain—arises from

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Is “choice paralysis” holding back your businesses digital transformation?

Know you need to digitise to grow your business but feel overwhelmed by too many technology choices? You’re not alone: we explain the reason behind choice paralysis, and why and how to overcome it. Too much information can be overwhelming and result in no action at all. Many Australian businesses are missing out on the

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What does the ‘uberisation’ of the supply chain look like?

The ubersiation of supply chain in Australia

Getting a product from production into a customer’s hands requires many steps, but the processes and channels involved are changing dramatically. Customer-focused approaches and peer-to-peer transactions facilitated by technology are causing many industries to re-think traditional business models. One template for success is characterised by technology-driven startups like Uber, who achieved rapid growth while competing

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