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Replacing your legacy ERP: Should you upgrade or switch?

Replacing your legacy ERP- Should you upgrade or switch?

Is your legacy ERP system starting to pose a barrier to functioning at your best or embracing new opportunities? This post will help you determine whether to upgrade or switch to a new software solution. When your legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is letting your business down, it’s important to weigh your options carefully

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7 Beginner Questions About ERP Answered

7 Beginner questions about ERP answered

If you’re not really sure what ERP means or why it matters, this post is for you. There’s a lot of jargon, acronyms and initialisms in the business world: it’s easy to lose track. Maybe you’ve heard the term ERP used in relation to managing a business and wondered, ‘what exactly is an ERP?’. For

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Caution required: Key consideration before choosing an ERP software

Caution required- Key consideration before choosing an ERP software

Don’t let short-term thinking force you into a bad decision when it comes to choosing and implementing an ERP solution. We explain why the decision requires forethought. Implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution or upgrading your legacy system is a big move. It also has the potential to make a big difference in

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ERP Template: Key to Implementation Success or an Imperfect Shortcut?

Template ERP Implementation

Are templates a truly effective way to make it easier to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in your business? Let’s take a closer look. When setting up your new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, the promise of a pre-configured “ERP template” is that it will slash the time and cost involved in implementation. The

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On-premise vs Cloud vs Hosted: What’s the difference?

Hosted vs On-Premise vs Cloud ERP what's the difference?

This post helps you understand the difference between cloud, on-premise and hosted private cloud ERP implementations, including the pricing and why you might choose one over another. New technologies have increased your options when it comes to how you’ll deliver the software you need to run an effective business. The range of choices and technical

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Avoid an epic ERP fail: eight reasons implementation projects don’t deliver

Epic ERP Fail

In this post, we draw on our experience to reveal the key dangers businesses face in keeping their ERP software implementation project on track, so you can avoid them. We’re highly experienced in helping guide businesses through the ERP software selection and implementation process—and over many years and hundreds of projects we’ve refined our consultative

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Your 2019 ERP Software Selection Guide

Your 2019 ERP Software Selection Guide (Enterprise Resource Planning Software presented by Leverage Technologies)

Think it might be time to embrace an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution or upgrade outdated systems to give your business a competitive edge in 2019? Gain total insight into the ‘why and how’ of modern ERP software implementations to help you take action. In just a short time there’s been momentous leaps and bounds

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