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SAP Business ByDesign
Solutions for the Project Services Industry

Companies that operate in the project services industry understand the complexities associated with the management of multiple projects and the management of:

Time billing

Work in progress

Resource management

Revenue recognition

Multiple companies

SAP is a name that most people recognise as a global leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-first, SAP-developed solution for growing mid-market companies that want to automate and streamline operations to deliver real business benefits. With easy-to-implement best practice business scenarios, SAP Business ByDesign can be implemented quickly to produce a quick return on investment.

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-first solution that provides functionality for project-based businesses in multiple industry sectors including:

Professional services

IT Services

Property development

SaaS and contract billing providers

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SAP Business ByDesign Functionality

SAP Business ByDesign offers functionality that includes:


Multiple ABN’s/companies and inter-company transactions can be managed in SAP Business ByDesign


Expanding globally is easy with SAP Business ByDesign. Multiple languages, multiple legal and fiscal configurations are available.


Document management

Project managers can store and view project-related documents in a central repository.

Timesheet management

Capture timesheets for revenue billing and cost allocation. As a web-based application, SAP Business ByDesign allows users to access and enter their timesheets from anywhere at any time – true mobility.

Inventory management

Many project-based businesses require inventory management when inventory is sold as part of the project delivery. Procure and manage inventory purchasing and delivery against the job/project.

Project resource management

Allocate project resources to the job and review employee availability for project work based on skillset and project resource requirements (timeline and skillset).


SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-first application built on the SAP HANA in-memory technology. This allows for quick reporting, fast processing and project analysis in real-time.

Dashboards, KPIs and reporting

Real-time analytics allows project-based team members to manage projects with up-to-date, accurate information – helping keep track of budgets and avoiding costly project overruns. Create dashboards for project performance reviews and share relevant data with project stakeholders. View data in graphical and table formats and quickly add additional rows and columns for a more complete project analysis.

Strong financial management

The backbone of any ERP solution, SAP Business ByDesign offers strong financial management modules across the general ledger, dimensional analysis and financial reporting with outstanding integration to MS Office.

Project management

The core of any requirement for project-based businesses is the ability to enter and report on information by project. The project management module in SAP Business ByDesign allows the user to define tasks, phases and milestones, schedule timelines, plan work and create project cost estimates. Use project templates to guide user activities with a comprehensive work breakdown structure. Project structures can be viewed in a Gantt chart or a Work Breakdown Structure. Team and staffing project requirements and committed work per team member help with resource planning and allocation of scarce resources to the most critical and time important projects. Third-party services can be “purchased” and allocated directly to a project. Project revenues can be easily tracked (sales quote – sales order – project allocation – project invoice request – customer invoice – payment) using the document flow in SAP Business ByDesign.

The project manager’s reporting cockpit is used to provide project reporting, KPIs and data in summary format for a quick overview of the health of projects currently in WIP.

Technology should be implemented to help businesses improve and to deliver real business benefits:

Improved cash flow

Better customer service

Happier team members

Using SAP Business ByDesign for the management of projects produces business benefits through the quick delivery of functionality via standard business processes. For example, cash & liquidity management, order to cash (projects), procure to pay (services) and intercompany project time and expenses. These are standard business scenarios in SAP Business ByDesign. Using these standard business scenarios/best practices for project-based businesses allows for quick time to value through the implementation and delivery phase – producing a quick return on investment.

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