The SAP Business One services module is great for companies wanting to track warranty and contract based repairs for equipment and services. The team at Leverage Technologies support customers who service medical, electronic, IT and other related equipment using the SAP Business One services module.

So let’s describe some of the available functions and features:

Equipment cards– can be created automatically in SAP Business One when the item is sold. The equipment card holds relevant serial number, location, customer and related information associated with the equipment under contract or warranty.

Service contracts– keep information associated with which customers have specific service contracts, what equipment is covered by contract, what coverage is associated with the contract and repairs.

Service calls– create service calls based on warranty and non-warranty calls (included in contract or out of contract). Allocate the service call to a technician or a queue (next available technician). Create attachments with relevant information. Service calls can be created by entering the customer name and choosing the item or entering the item serial number which will then default the customer and item details (assuming serial number tracking has been used). Service calls can be added to a technician’s calendar in SAP Business One.

Solutions knowledge database– create a database of symptoms and solutions in SAP Business One. This will help your technicians by recommending potential solutions.

Service Reports – multiple standard reports are available in the SAP Business One Services Module.  o Service calls  o Service calls by queue  o Response times  o Average closure times  o Service call monitor and a lot more….

As with other standard SAP Business One reports the user can select from multiple criteria – report by date range, by technician, by customer etc.  Let’s not forget that the SAP Business One mobility (iPad and iPhone app) includes access to the services module with the ability to create and complete service calls from your iPhone or iPad – true mobility for your technicians.

The team at Leverage Technologies has created a demonstration of the SAP Business One Service Module on the Leverage YouTube channel.