SAP Business One (SAP B1) offers several different user type licenses. These SAP Business One user types are broken down into two broad categories – “SAP B1 Professional” and “SAP B1 Limited”.

The SAP Business One “Limited” licenses are available as “Limited CRM”, “Limited Financial” and “Limited Logistics” – all users are named.

The logic behind the SAP Business One user types is based on typical functionality that a user will require for their day to day processing. As a general rule a salesperson will most likely be allocated a “Limited CRM” license and someone in finance will be allocated a “Limited Financial” license. This is a general rule but will not always be the exact allocation.

When deciding on the license types that you require it is good practice to generate a list of your SAP Business One users and their functional roles and then compare that user list to the SAP Business One license guide – see below. Have a good look at what functionality is available per license type and compare this to the tasks that each user completes on a day to day basis. For example does the user do quotations, invoicing and debtors reporting? If so compare these functional requirements with the SAP Business One License Guide.

There is of course different pricing per license type. In Australia a “Limited” license requires half the investment of a full “Professional” license.

If in any doubt ask your SAP Business One partner to assist you in selecting the correct SAP Business One user types for your business.

SAP Business One License Comparison Chart