As part of the SAP Business One 8.8 product release customers who have a current maintenance agreement can download the SAP Business One iPhone app (for Professional Users) from the iTunes store. The application gives access to many great SAP Business One features including:

Alerts and Approvals– get alerts and approval requests from SAP Business One. Alerts are set-up in SAP Business One (examples include deviation from credit limit and deviation from percentage gross profit). The alert or workflow request for approval is sent to your iPhone. You can drill down to get additional information before approving or not approving the request.

Reports – Get access to Crystal Reports from your iPhone.

Business Partners – Get access to business partner information including phone numbers, address, contact details, historical activities and special prices. Users can create new activities and can update business partner records.

Inventory Information – check inventory levels, check pricing information and preview inventory pictures.

How do we get the SAP Business One Mobile Application for the iPhone? You can download the iPhone application from the iTunes Store Once downloaded configuration of your SAP Business One system will be required to get the integration working. You can contact the team at Leverage on 1300 045 046 for more information.