Looking for SAP Business One journal uploads from MS Excel?

As accountants, we often have to produce complex and lengthy journal entries. We all know and love Microsoft Excel and as a result, we want to create our journal entries in MS Excel and upload the journals into SAP Business One.

The Leverage Technologies SAP Business One MS Excel integration makes it easy to create financial documents such as Journals or Journal Vouchers within SAP Business One.  Using well-known tools to compile and format data, Leverage has made journal creation from MS Excel into SAP Business One a one-click process.

Leverage fully integrates the creation of new journal entries. The journal integration provides a framework to integrate custom or more detailed accounting information through the use of projects and cost accounting.

Main features

  • Journal data entry in Excel spreadsheet.
  • One button creation of SAP Business One journal entry or voucher.
  • Creation of journals and reversing journals
  • Instant notification of journal creation success or failure
  • Error reporting e.g. incorrect account codes, invalid dates etc.
  • Optional batched creation. Excel creation to journal batch scheduling