If you work in the professional services industry you probably keep asking yourself – why can’t I find a business management solution that fits my business requirements? Why do I have three systems which are not integrated?

The team at Leverage might have the answer that you are looking for – SAP Business One and Maringo Project Management – offering a total solution for professional services companies looking to automate timesheets, project accounting, work in progress and project based reporting. There are a number of professional services companies in Australia who are looking for similar functionality from their business management / ERP solution. Having worked in a professional services organisation for most of my career I can personally vouch for some of the challengers associated with implementing software into this business sector. Commonly requested functionality includes:

  • Timesheet capture – fast, remote capture of timesheets with approval process
  • Job management – the ability to manage the job from an operational and financial perspective
  • Scheduling – making the most of your resources
  • Document management – ensuring that all project notes are accessible
  • Project reporting – forecast cost to complete, budget Vs actual, profit and loss by project and more
  • Workflow and approvals – the more complex the project the more workflow and approvals becomes a necessity
  • Different bill types on projects – time and materials billing, fixed price, milestone based billing…the list goes on.

The good news is that SAP Business One and Maringo Project Management has this level of functionality and a whole lot more. We all know the challenges – has this project been billed, how much is sitting in WIP, what’s our forecast cost to complete and will we make our required margin from this job? Maringo Project Management and SAP Business One can answer these questions.