Many SAP Business One wholesale / distribution companies in Australia are running or have contemplated running EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to streamline supply chain and SAP Business One logistics. For some companies the requirement for EDI comes from the customer – large retail companies in Australia are constantly looking to streamline their ordering and fulfilment. As your order volumes with the large retailers grow so too does the requirement for EDI.  EDI is the ability to trade order and supply information electronically by bridging the gap between different business management solutions used by different organisations. What starts out as a reasonably straight forward proposition can become rather complex. Consider the requirement for GS1, EAN, ASNs, SSCC labels, Scan packing – all integrated to SAP Business One.

The team at Leverage Technologies has worked on EDI projects for many of Australia’s large, small and medium sized distribution based organisations across a range of different industries – food, chemical, IT, electronics and building materials. The challenge is that the major retailers in Australia require different document and data exchange formats.  There are other considerations like freight management, back-order rules and retailer distribution centre requirements that need consideration. Another consideration is 3PL (3rd Party Logistics). What is clear is that with integrated EDI solutions you can achieve substantial cost savings and increased customer satisfaction as you streamline ordering, warehousing, logistics, replenishment, delivery and reporting.

Leverage Technologies provides a best of breed EDI solution based on GXS Integrator, SAP Business One and Levitation EDI. Further extensions to the solution are available for Vendor Connect and Scan packing integration.

There are multiple integration points for EDI to and from SAP Business One and multiple documents that need to be created depending on which retailer you are working with, which standards you are working to and the nature of the goods that are being distributed.  Leverage is also able to provide customised reporting and validation in the EDI solution.  Common requirements include:

  • Purchase Order – PO (850)
  • Invoice (810)
  • Advanced Shipping Notice – ASN (856)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment – POA (855)
  • Product Activity Data – PAD Data (852)
  • GS1 compliance GTIN support – global trade identification number
  • DC integration – Distribution Centre shipping

If you want to discuss your SAP Business One / EDI requirements in more detail  feel free to give the team at Leverage a call on 1300 045 046.