SAP Business One document management software. Autodocs for SAP Business One.Autodocs HSE is a great complimentary solution for SAP Business One document management. Automated delivery of SAP Business One documentation – print, fax, e-mail, SMS and xml. The team at Leverage Technologies supports 140 + SAP Business One customers of which at least 80 customers are using Autodocs for bulk delivery of AR Statements, remittances, purchase orders and more. Autodocs document management will allow SAP Business One users to automatically send a statement run on any chosen date – statements are sent electronically via e-mail, fax or print – depending on your customers chosen format of receipt.  Keeping records has never been easier – AutoDoc HSE allows SAP Business One users to archive each original document and update subsequent changes, creating a directory structure and file name based on user and system variables.  All fax, email and print transmissions are recorded in the AutoDoc log. Set-up of Autodocs for SAP Business One is simple, reliable and the return on investment is realised quickly as money is saved on consumables, postage and labour hours. Leverage customers have reported saving thousands of dollars in direct cost and have reported better accounts receivables collection on the basis of regular statement updates and follow up sent via Autodocs.