Everyone is talking cloud. SAP Business One Cloud for CRM, SAP Business one Cloud for ERP, Cloud for Office – cheaper, more efficient and more secure. SAP Business One is always at the forefront of new technology and SAP Business One Cloud has been a Leverage Technologies product offering for several years. Customers and prospects are often confused by what they read about cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud – which is best and why? As with many IT and ERP related questions there is no single right or wrong answer for SAP Business One customers who want cloud solutions for their SAP Business One solution.

The team at Leverage Technologies has moved several customers into the cloud. Customers are moving SAP Business One into the Cloud for all the usual reasons – lower cost of ownership, system security; Cloud back-up and access to SAP Business One anywhere, anytime.

Before moving your SAP Business One system into the Cloud there are a number of questions you should ask about Cloud Vs On-premise – our previous SAP Business One Cloud blog https://www.leveragetech.com.au/sap-business-one-cloud-ondemand-or-on-premise-2/ might help answer some of those Cloud questions.

Assuming you have made the decision to go with SAP Business One Cloud one option is a Cloud model whereby Leverage Technologies provides SAP Business One in a private Cloud type solution –Leverage Technologies provides SAP Business One Cloud and all associated infrastructure for a monthly fee. This includes SAP Business One Cloud licenses, help desk support, Microsoft SQL Server (or SAP HANA), infrastructure, Cloud back-up and Microsoft Office. This is a private cloud type environment for SAP Business One Cloud. All infrastructure, back-up and associated solutions are provided for you in the cloud but you, the customer, has access to the infrastructure as though it is your on-premise solution. The benefit is that you decide when your SAP Business One solution is upgraded, what add-on solutions you use and what development environments you want for your SAP Business One Cloud solution.

Let’s look at the implications of this SAP Business One hybrid Cloud model. A real strength of SAP Business One is the ability to develop integration or development which is integrated to SAP Business One. This development might be a simple integrated solution or could be a customer specific module. As an SAP Business One Cloud customer you might want to use a third party solution integrated to SAP Business One. One of the great advantages of being in control of your own SAP Business One Cloud environment is that you can control the timing and testing of any upgrades and in-house developed solutions associated with your SAP Business One Cloud solution. What you get with the SAP Business One Cloud offering from Leverage Technologies is all of the benefits of Cloud with the flexibility of your own private infrastructure – giving you the flexibility to manage your SAP Business One Cloud solution the way you want to.   This is truly the best of both worlds – the low cost, ease of use and flexibility of cloud with the ability to manage your SAP Business One solution for your specific requirements.