When implementing ERP software we all know the importance of the ERP project plan – let’s take a more detailed look at what should be included in your ERP software project plan.

This article has been specifically written for small to medium-sized businesses looking to implement ERP software.

Template ERP Software Implementation Plan

It pays to have an individual serving as the internal / company Project Manager for the ERP software implementation.

Project managers have many responsibilities during an ERP Software implementation and one of the most important is the design and updating of the ERP project plan. The most commonly used tools for ERP project planning (for small to medium-sized companies) is MS Project or MS Excel.

An ERP Software project plan: (Click to enlarge sample)

This ERP Software implementation plan might serve as the basic guide for the project managers, ERP implementation consultants and you – the customer. Note the elements of the project plan –

–          Planned start date of activity,

–          A description of each activity,

–          The hours allocated to each activity,

–          The status (started, in progress etc.),

–          The customer time allocated to each activity,

–          The role of the customer in each activity,

–          Who has responsibility for each activity and a general comments section.

It is important that the project plan is updated on a regular basis and those roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. It is important that completed tasks are tested and verified. It is no use ticking an item off the project plan as completed to find out later during the project that the item has not been completed to specification or to the desired outcome. This is one of the major tasks of a project manager – verify that the items marked as completed are actually ready for go live.


There are a number of different roles and responsibilities during an ERP Software implementation. The ERP Software implementation plan should highlight these responsibilities and “required by dates”. Let’s not forget that as the customer you have a number of key responsibilities during implementation.

Make use of a good, updated project plan to manage your ERP implementation and to ensure that all parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities.

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